Oops, you can go home now, Dr. Terrorist- but we’re not sorry
Friday July 27th 2007, 6:28 pm

image: The Sydney Morning HeraldIncompetent Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty and Immigration Minister Andrews have wrecked an innocent physician’s life- but are not in the least sorry- they’re not legally obligated to care.

Haneef is to be released due to the collapse of a totally fabricated case against him. So much for HoWARd’s Tampa, 2007 style.

Keelty and Andrews shouldn’t just be sacked- they should be sacked and deported. Ireland sounds like a good place for those two. They shouldn’t worry; Immigration will pony up a nice packet of cash for those it wrongly deports. Let’s hope there’s some fat compo waiting for Haneef for wrongful detention and defamation.

Maybe the HoWARd gubmint learnt a lesson or two over the hell that the public (assisted by GetUp) can raise over trumped-up terrorism charges. AFP & government do us NO favours by trying to scare us with such garbage. If there’s going to be terrorism in the world, government and law enforcement crying wolf over nonsense like this does the public interest absolutely no favours. No wonder AFP is a laughingstock.

Yep, I’ll try to act surprised. Mind you, the part that REALLY surprises me is that the AFP didn’t have enough on the ball to plant some explosives residue or something unquestionably damning on poor Dr. Haneef.

It’s cool, the government which is supposed to serve and protect us is soon to allow police to be able to take DNA for a traffic infringement and spy on all email and SMS messages. Next time, they’ll be able to charge some evil terrorist with chewing gum in an elevator on Ramadan or something.

Let’s hope that unlucky ‘evil terrorist’ isn’t you or one of your kids. With the investigative skills of the AFP and the desire of this government to whip up fear about terrorism for electoral purposes, it very well could be.

This pathetic, paternalist government which does nothing but perpetuate its own existence MUST GO.


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The Council for Civil Liberties’ Cameron Murphy said to ABC News:

Ministers accused of ‘driving’ Haneef case

[…] Australian Council for Civil Liberties national secretary Cameron Murphy has told AM it is clear there was political interference in the case.

“Clearly there were three facts put out to the media in this matter that appear to be plainly wrong,” he said.

“First, that Dr Haneef’s SIM card was used in the UK bombing. Secondly, that he had the names of known terrorists in his diary. And thirdly, that he was plotting to blow up some Gold Coast building.

“I think we are entitled to know if any of these incorrect facts originated from ministers’ offices, or if there’s [been] any pressure exerted from the Attorney-General or another minister, or their offices, in relation to this investigation.

“I think it’s all too easy to scapegoat the Australian Federal Police Commissioner and the Commonwealth DPP, when clearly ministers have been driving the commentary and the speculation over this case from the very beginning.”

Mr Murphy backed calls for an independent inquiry into the case.

“Otherwise the public can’t possibly have any confidence that terrorism investigations are going to be conducted independently and appropriately in the future,” he said.

Comment by weez 07.28.07 @ 2:46 pm

No doubt about it, this whole Haneef witch hunt has been a shambles from the get go. One aspect which has simply astounded me is the fact that our government seems to possess some perverse desire to find terrorists on these shores. Its nothing short of sickening. Who on earth could actually WANT for there to be any connection here to terrorism? What sort of sick bastard actually wants to find that particular boojum in the closet? But the sheer zeal with which Hanneef was demonized and vilified suggests that this is exactly what our government wanted… even to the point of beating up threats where none exist.

We should be counting our lucky stars that Australia hasn’t faced any tangible terrorist threat, and not engaging some kind of messed up “me too” contest of the international war on terror. And what for? Just for one more term holding the reigns of power? It doesn’t get much more demented than that.

I have to add that Rudd’s preformance on the matter has been less than stellar too. Of course, its not hard to see the electoral strategy he’s going for, but I think Beazley’s record on elections is already is proof positive that the whole “Look, I’m the same as the other guy, but a bit nicer on IR” approach is a shit one. Given a contest between two Tory candidates, of course the electorate is going to vote for the party that actually believes in it.

Comment by Marcus 07.30.07 @ 9:33 am

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