Rees rolled
Thursday December 03rd 2009, 6:50 pm

Worst possible result. Welcome back to the bad old Iemma flavoured days.

Enough to make me vote Liberal in the next NSW elections? No… but probably enough for me to do my first donkey vote.



Idiocracy: Not just a movie
Thursday December 03rd 2009, 4:33 pm

Don’t waste your money at the video shop

Stupid is alive and well on the streets of America.


Libs+Abbott=self immolation 101
Wednesday December 02nd 2009, 5:49 am

Few things interest me less than the leadership of the Australian Lieberal Party. Even though my housemate has been positively gigglesome about the whole implosive scene over the last week, I am yet overwhelmed by indifference. I may be the only person in Australia who doesn’t care. However, the surprise election of Tony Abbott to the Lib leadership is ponderous enough to merit a comment.

I can’t think of any political party in the English-speaking world aside from US Repuglicans who have worked harder to make themselves unelectable. The Libs have now squarely positioned themselves as flat-earthers on climate change in defiance of polling indicating that Australian voters want action on the issue. Now they’ve elected a leader who is roughly as popular as tofu in a steakhouse, even among Liberal voters (and women voters in particular).

All I can figure is that Abbott is a sacrificial interim leader, pending the installation of Ho Jockey as leader soon before the next scheduled election, provided of course that the anticipated defeat of Rudd’s ETS isn’t used as a double-dissolution election trigger. In one of the most complex breakdowns I’ve ever read on psephology in general, ABC’s elections analyst Antony Green isn’t terribly hopeful that this will happen in the near term. Given that Australian voters are known not to be fond of going to the polls any more than they absolutely have to, Labor would be wise not to pull this lever, especially since they’re shoe-ins to win the next poll at the usual interval.

We now return to our regularly scheduled nap.