Getting out to young GetUps. Idea #2

Caring about the future

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2 Responses to “Getting out to young GetUps. Idea #2”

  1. Brownie Says:

    Nicole’s personal WorkChoice seems to be ‘making 5 films in the next year’ from what I read in the trashmags – gotta keep the cash flowing in.

    (With regard to the above ‘aged on’ depiction of her, I would first like to point out to the perpetrators that Miss Joan Collins and Ms Joan Rivers are already that age under their shitload of makeup; that Nicole actually does look like the above without her stylist, maquilleuse and coiffurist; and finally I would like to tell you young ‘uns that 40 years ago media used to publish ridiculous ‘bald-Beatles-when-they-are-60’ impressions which looked nothing like the 2 surviving Beatles look these days.)

    The NoWork NoChoice crap is very depressing. Obliterating decades of Union achievement. ‘They’ will be sorry they did, but unfortunately, so will everybody else.

  2. Suki Says:

    Oh Brownie – I know…I know…
    There are just as many older people not giving a shit and we don’t harangue them to make a difference or take stand.

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