I was pissweak, now I’m PRESIDENT- thanks to Deepends™!
Saturday September 17th 2005, 12:27 am

I was a pissweak dope from Texas.

Ish zis Ripple or Boone's Farm? (Reuters) 

It got rilly embarrassing when I had to ask Aunt Condi to take me out to wee wee all the time. I was always making tinkle when important stuff was going on, like when I was sposed ta talk about bombs and guns and gas and stuff.

Bush needs to go... NOW! (Reuters) 


Deepends™ turned me into a gen-u-wine statesman! Now I can suck plonk with the best of ’em and talk about them behind their backs when they’re off drainin’ the lizard.

fillin' muh drawers- with confidence!

Thanks to Deepends™, now I kin fill muh drawers- with confidence!


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Awesome!!! Gave us both a good belly laugh!!!

Comment by sister of weezil 09.17.05 @ 12:05 pm

Sis, I bet Dubya equally likes not having to miss the big plays while he’s off having a splash.


Comment by weezil 09.17.05 @ 12:14 pm

At least he can’t get into any pissing contests now.

Comment by david tiley 09.17.05 @ 5:44 pm

David, if Dubya had to get into a pissing match, he’d first need a staff of speechwriters and spin doctors. Then, he’d need a couple of mechanical engineers to install a 10 gallon pisstank between his shoulderblades, which would of course be camouflaged as a remote teleprompter receiver.

Comment by weezil 09.17.05 @ 7:31 pm

Too much work there Weezil, Little Johnny would do it for him.

Comment by JT 09.18.05 @ 1:42 pm

This is hilarious! Thank you for that one.


Comment by Nathasha 09.18.05 @ 11:10 pm

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