RU486: Abbott pounding the pulpit
Thursday November 24th 2005, 5:30 pm

A pill or a surgery? Easy choice!Sushi Das wraps the RU486 issue over at The Age:

The fierce debate over RU486 and Howard’s subsequent decision to allow a conscience vote on the issue, which could result in the ban being lifted, has spectacularly backfired on Abbott, exposing his devious tactics. The devout Catholic minister, who appears to take a devilish glee in doing what he thinks is God’s work, has been left looking rather foolish. And it is impossible to believe him when he argues that he is denying women access to RU486 out of concern for their health.

Repeatedly Abbott has proved incapable of making sound ministerial judgements on issues that relate to women’s fertility because he allows his decisions to be driven by his personal, religious beliefs. Of course, he is entitled to hold anti-abortion views but to allow his personal views to affect his ministerial decisions indicates the man is unfit for the job.

Das nails the Most Reverend Minister Abbott in one.

Nice work, Sushi.


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Nice work indeed!

Comment by suki 11.24.05 @ 8:00 pm

Really strong piece, exceptionally well written, regardless of whether I agree with her politics. If I ever consistently write half as well as Sushi Das, I’ll call it a win.

Comment by weezil 11.24.05 @ 11:36 pm

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