Sydney police radio jammed during riots
Tuesday December 13th 2005, 7:26 am

During violent unrest in Cronulla and Brighton le Sands last night, someone who has got either a police radio or other equipment capable of transmitting on police frequencies was keying up the transmitter while police were trying to use their repeater system to direct officers to trouble sites in and around Cronulla and Brighton le Sands.

The jammer was keying up the mike and holding it next to the speaker of an AM radio tuned to 2GB while a talkback show was in progress. The jammer keyed up the transmitter specifically while callers were complaining about their (misguided) impressions of harassing and intimidating behaviour from young middle-eastern men.

For quite some time during last night’s violence, mainly between 11pm and 1am Sydney time, the jammer effectively shut down NSW Police radio communications. Police changed frequencies several times, but the jammer was able to follow and interrupt communications at will.

No mainstream news has covered this item yet, to my knowledge. If you’ve seen or heard any news reports on this, please let me know.


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[…] You may recall that I reported an event of jamming of police radio in Sydney on 12 Decmber 2005, during the cronulla/Brighton-le-Sands race rioting. No mainstream news organisation made any mention of the jamming at the time. […]

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