Alan Jones – ratings by race-baiting
Tuesday December 13th 2005, 1:09 pm

2GB’s master baiter, Alan Jones

David Marr writes that 2GB radio host Alan Jones has taken credit for inciting the weekend race riots in Cronulla:

Alan Jones: I’m the person that’s led this charge

By David Marr, Sydney
December 13, 2005

BY THURSDAY last week Alan Jones was screaming like a race caller whose horse was coming home. “I’m the person that’s led this charge here. Nobody wanted to know about North Cronulla, now it’s gathered to this.”

The riot was still three days away and Sydney’s highest-rating breakfast radio host had a heap of anonymous emails to whip his 2GB listeners along. “Alan, it’s not just a few Middle Eastern bastards at the weekend, it’s thousands. Cronulla is a very long beach and it’s been taken over by this scum. It’s not a few causing trouble. It’s all of them.”

Will Alan Jones go to jail for inciting to riot? Probably as likely as John Howard finally coming to the astounding realisation that some Australians are patently racist.


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Does he have to be prosecuted by the Attorney-General for that one?

Also, why did this have to happen when Media Watch was on summer break….?

Comment by Evan 12.13.05 @ 3:06 pm

That Image Weez!
Did you make that happen with your photoshop wizardry or is he speaking to the Combined Utilities of the Northern Territory?

Comment by suki 12.13.05 @ 6:12 pm

No, Suki- fraid not. That’s a famous photo with an ‘unfortunate’ camera angle. Photog unknown.

Comment by weezil 12.13.05 @ 6:17 pm

I’ve recently seen another verison of that “photo with an ‘unfortunate’ camera angle”. Instead of Alan Jones, the one I saw had Preznit Bush. Otherwise it was the SAME photo. I suspect some fancy photo manipulation.

Comment by mars 12.13.05 @ 8:15 pm

mars, I do think the one featuring Jonesy is the original. This one doesn’t show any artifacting of modification- and I’ve looked at it with 1600% magnification in Pshop. It also has a halftone moire as though it was a scan out of a newpaper clipping- the halftone is consistent throughout the image.

Comment by weezil 12.13.05 @ 8:41 pm

Evan wrote: “Does he have to be prosecuted by the Attorney-General for that one?

If so, you know damn well Jonesy is scot-free. Ruddock has no tears for brown people.

Also, why did this have to happen when Media Watch was on summer break….?”

Bloody good question. This is enough to bring the MW staffers back from holidays, in my not so fucking humble opinion.

Comment by weezil 12.14.05 @ 1:28 am

Can he be charged under the new terror laws? Isn’t there a clause in there where people can now be charged with using media to incite violence?

In my view, in encouraging and flaming hatreds, he’s just like the alleged radical Muslim clerics.

(This is not a rhetorical question – My knowledge of the exact legislation is fuzzy)

Comment by David Collett 12.14.05 @ 5:24 am

Actually yes, David. Jones would be prosecutable under Howard’s sedition laws… but I wouldn’t chug Jack Daniels while waiting for the arrest. However, one 2GB shock-jock, Brian Wilshire, has been forced into an apology, but he has not been charged.

Mind you, if I rob a bank and later apologise, should I escape jail? Simply- no.

Wilshire and Jones should absolutely be arrested and charged, either on sedition or encitement to riot. Further, 2GB’s owners should lose their broadcasting licence for failure to use the licence for the public good.

Comment by weezil 12.17.05 @ 9:46 am

[…] Around 3000 people showed up on rather short notice in Belmore Park this afternoon to send a message to nazis and racists: "Not in our Australia, mate."     Protesters marching from Town Hall to Belmore Park identify Racist Number One. (image:       At Town Hall: Ashamed to be Australian (image:  […]

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