Racist website chickens out
Sunday December 18th 2005, 9:53 pm

cowardly cockroachesA violent racist set up a website at www.fightback.org.au earlier in the week. One of the pages on the site was titled conduct.html, which on 16 December 2005 contained the following text:

IMPORTANT: If you foward this on, REMOVE ALL OTHER EMAILS FROM THE HEADER IN THE EMAIL, we do not want this document to provide a list of names for victimisation or hate, anywhere, anytime. This is not race hate speech, if you are looking for that, look elsewhere, this is not encouraging violence, this is simply ensuring our protest on Sunday will be heard, understood and be a safe event. Read this entire document before forwarding it on, it contains useful information which will be of great assistance to you on Sunday.

You are invited to come join us in a peaceful demonstration at Cronulla on Sunday, the 18th of December, where we shall stand as one to show that the terror tactics of the past week have done nothing but solidified our distaste for violent gangs. Pass this text file onto anyone else you know who may be interested in coming along, it’s imperative this information gets out and has maximum spread. Print off relevant parts for distribution on the day if you can.

This document will outline what to bring / do / how to act on the day, it’s mostly common sense, but also provides something outlined in writing for some of us who may do otherwise and unintentionally, through an act of good nature, resultant in harming our cause and destroy our public image even moreso than it was destroyed by a minority of drunken kids last Sunday.

This is an info/media war, the only way we can win is by using their tactics against them and appearing as we truly are, the victims of gang violence. With the issues of ‘race’ being the media sensationalism of the hour, the demonstration last Sunday was turned into an issue of race, therefore only the yobbos were focused on and we were made to look like a bunch of goose stepping trash.

Bring: –

# Comfortable yet practical clothing.
# A two way CB on channel 20.
# Camelbak or waterbottle.
# A number 13 / 15 wound dressing or small 1st Aid Kit.
# Sturdy full fingered gloves.
# An Australian flag!
# A bullhorn if you have one.
# A ski mask or spare t-shirt.

Do not bring anything you will be arrested for having on your person, do not do anything that will break the law. We are civilised law abiding citizens making a stand and observing the terrorism and violence of the organised gang based blitz forces. Through unity we will stand and unanimously voice that WE ARE NOT AFRAID!

We will not be caught up in their hatred. Avoid the use of racial slurs, vilification or profanity they are uneccesary and uncalled for. Do not attack or ‘bash’ anyone. Defend yourself, but do not act in a manner unbecoming of our cause. If you see someone being attacked, defend them. Otherwise stand your ground and do not be the agressors.

Make sure you are wearing practical clothing, a tight fitting shirt that can’t be grabbed easily and practical pants (cargo’s are handy) with extra pockets for gear are a must. Wear a hat and sunglasses, getting sunburnt isn’t fun. Bring some SPF30+ sun screen and spray yourself up before leaving your vehicle. Water is a must, bring some in a refillable container. First aid kits may be a bit much, but a number 13 or 15 may be of use if the gangs waving firearms in the faces of the media last Monday night bring their illegal guns with them and decide to shoot any of us up.

Bring a bullhorn, we who recieve this file need to try and operate as leaders to help, assist and guide the crowd in proper behaviour and keep things calm until we need them fired up. Bring a radio, this is probably the most important thing to bring. Switch it to channel 20, keep your ear on it as a call to change channel may occur. We will have a live feed of police back channels, special ops and digital / encrypted channels via a repeater and base station we will have operating out Malabar way.

Don’t get drunk, don’t punch cones, just stay sober and with it. Don’t scream and shout or carry on, we need to act civilised. The media are already against us because they can sensationalise this and make it seem as though the multi-cultural band last Sunday were the yobbos they were depicted as.

On Sunday 4 lebs were bashed in total. In the last week hundreds have been assaulted, a dozen women raped, stabbed and attacked, many men stabbed and shot at. Six churches were torched and a primary school was shot up. The media haven’t mentioned these acts in detail but I assure you this peaceful protest will be turned into another media field day in an attempt to shame us into silence, something which instills more fear in the common Australian citizen than gangs.

This is a media war. If you don’t feel 100% confident that you can present a NEUTRAL OBSERVERS point of view to the media or are too hot under the collar, don’t fucking do it, all they will do is use it against us to paint us as nazi hate mongers, which we all know we are not. Remember, the media are scabs and will do anything they can to turn the story into a sensationalised heap to get sales. WE ARE THE VICTIMS! Remember that. This did not start because of the 11/12/05 protest rally, this started because we were fed up with the gang mentality of the youth out there and decided to make a stand. We are sick and tired of the gang rapes, the bashings, the sexual harassment, the violence, the guns and the drugs that gangs and their cronies are affiliated with.

Having identification on you wouldn’t be in your best interest. You going to gaol isn’t in the best interest of our cause. But if it has to be that way, it has to be that way. Don’t get caught doing anything ilegal, that is the best solution.

If you are arrested and it isn’t for anything serious, fake amnesia. It is illegal to refuse to provide your name and address to a police officer or any law enforcement. It is not illegal to forget your name and address. Say nothing but, "Where am I?" and "What happened?" and answer all questions with, "I don’t know, sorry."

Unless you have a criminal record and prints on file, you can keep this tactic up until you are hospitalised and eventually released. Be sure to ask what you’re supposed to do when they let you go considering you can’t remember anything except lebanese violent gangs attacking you, we need to push home the message that WE are the victims, which we legitimately are.

There will probably be quite a few people arrested without reason, or under circumstance, which a court will turn over in a matter of minutes. The problem is, for the hours they hold you, there is a good chance they will try and pin anything and everything on you, so say NOTHING. The problem lies partially in the fact that the Police fear these gangs, which is why there are no arrests from this terrorist mob publicised. That means we are at risk of being mass arrested to ‘make up the numbers’ so the underfunded police and the spineless politicians can save face.

They are there to protect the innocent civillians. They are there to protect you and me. They may do a shit job at it sometimes, we may be angry with them at times, but they are neutral and are not to be attacked or abused in any way. They are NOT your friends but equally they are NOT your enemy. Our enemy are those who would see harm on our fellow Australians. Our enemy are the cowards who refuse to front us but TERRORISE WOMEN AND ELDERLY in the suburbs for a week to try and bait Australia into a fight.

# KEEP IN COMMUNICATION WITH OTHER PROTESTORS AT ALL TIMES! Always stay with a crowd. When you meet new people, grab mobile numbers off them, add them into your mobile under the letter A-[theirname] so it will be at the top of your list. If you have a moment, make a mobile contact list in your phone so one SMS can be sent to a distribution list of everyone you save under the A- prefix.

If you have a two way radio, BRING IT. Bring a scanner incase our live feed from our radio station falls through. Your first point of contact is Timon, he is operating our radio station and repeater, if your radio unit cannot reach him (he may be based anywhere from Randwick to Malabar on the day) your next port of call is Val, remember these names so we can help patch you in and introduce you to the net. If our coms do drop out, only stream relevant information from your scanner, if you miss streaming it, repeat it to the best of your knowledge.

A word of warning, police now have the power to confiscate your mobile telephone and hold it for seven days, so a hands free kit may come in handy. Be discrete when you use your phone. Bring a camera instead of using your mobile for crowd pictures.

# DO NOT PANIC MONGER OR CHASE GHOSTS! Most of Sunday was spent chasing ghost, most of this week the police and emergency services were also chasing ghosts. The terrorist gangs are using blitz raids in vehicles to keep themselves from being caught, hitting hard and fast and moving on. Don’t report anything in unless it’s worth reporting in. If you see a group of these terrorists attacking people and your current band of protestors can’t assist by numbers alone, call through and request one unit, negotiate over the radio as to which group is closest to you and get them to come to your assistance. There is no point everyone cattle herding to one spot for five gang members beating one man up.

At risk of ripping off Hitch Hikers Guide, DON’T PANIC! No matter WHAT happens, if things go bad, find somewhere safe, take a knee and radio in. We will all be on channel 20 with you, we are only a radio call away. Calmly call in for assistance and request backup, explain your situation thoroughly, explain if you need a first aider to assist. Our group have various gold medallion and senior first aiders amongst us, simply ask for a medic if you need one for yourself or for others.

# FEEL FREE TO COVER UP! The ‘lebanese lions’ as a certain fanatical terrorist group are calling themselves are reportedly using video and camera footage of last Sunday’s peaceful protest to single out ‘leaders’ of the groups and people with notable faces with the intent to hunt down and kill them. As we do not condone such terror in our own lands and as it is not illegal to conseal your identity whilst carrying out a peaceful protest, it is within your rights to utilise a ski mask or t-shirt to cover your face and protect yourself from racially motivated terrorist hatred later on.

Make sure if you are interviewed with your face consealed you explain that you are not covering your face in cowardice, shame or because you are a criminal, you are doing so to prevent being victimised for speaking out for freedom and liberty and against home grown terrorism.

# DONT BASH PEOPLE WHO LOOK ‘WOG’ / ‘LEB’ ON THAT ALONE! The media claim on Sunday we were bashing people of ‘middle eastern or mediterranian looks’. Some of our boys are eastern european and some are middle eastern and are more leb looking than the lebs that were seen on Sunday mouthing off at the crowd. Whilst WE ALL KNOW the media is lying as usual about this one, just incase anyone thinks "Hey, he looks leb, let’s not take chances!" if things get a bit passionate out there, BE SURE OF YOUR TARGETS! We are not a mob out to roll cunts for no reason. We are defending ourselves and other citizens ONLY. If you see someone ploughing into someone smaller than them, good chance he’s one of the terrorists scum we’re protesting against.

We need to tone down all our extremism, racism and hatred that are in our host. Whilst it is not excuse, it is understood that we feel as though we’re voiceless and unable to have any say. Even though we all have the same anger coursing through our veins, it’s this extremist behaviour that fuels others into treating us like scum and seeing us as the villains and wrong doers. So if we do things by this proceedure, there can be NO retribution from the media or public over our conduct.

# DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK OF DEATH! If you see something going down, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY, don’t move into a potential fight until you have reported it into the radio network. Through communication we will win. The terrorist leb gangs use mobile phones, they take longer than radios. Our communication is instant and everyone hears it simultaniously, so use that to your advantage. Report in every contact you have and GIVE NUMBERS OF OPPOSING FORCES on contact. Just to clarify once more, if you see people attacking protestors, act immediately and swiftly in their defence. We will not be opressed or victims any longer.

# REGARDLESS OF GROUP / POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! On Sunday and every day until this struggle is over, we are all united as Australians. There are many organised groups and gangs amongst us, many of which don’t get along. That is during peace time. We are being attacked from within, a war is being fought on our streets and we, employed, law abiding, Australian citizens are the victim of this war. It is time to put aside politics, ethics and religious differences and defend your fellow man.

Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, Odinists, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccans, whatever your religion, stand strong together. Various groups and gangs who may have bad blood, put the petty politics aside and stand united under our flag, our war banner, stand as one in unity. WE MUST UNITE AND SECURE A FUTURE FOR OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE AGAINST THIS TERRORIST INCURSION ON OUR SOIL!

This text document may seem common sense, but common sense isn’t as common as we would like to believe. Spread this to everyone you know who is willing to make a stand against the terrorism and gang violence that Australian citizens are facing in the shire.

We are not a violent mob. We are peaceful demonstrators. The media cannot demonise us if we are simply defending ourselves and fellow Australian’s. Keep every woman who has been gang raped, stabbed and beaten over the past few weeks in your mind and heart as you take to the fields.

I felt it on Sunday as I am sure most of you did, we were all united, we are all brothers under the Australian flag, united as one people to defend our freedom, our liberty and our way of life. I appeal to all of you to distribute this text file as widely as possible, email it to every fucker you think may be coming and even people who just ‘might’ be interested.

May whatever god you worship protect you and yours on Sunday, for terrorism has reached Australian shores. It is upon us now to rise up a host of Australians, to act as non-aggressive defenders and bring forth our unity to keep Australia safe and keep Australia solid.

We are on the forefront of history, the way we act and carry our the protection of our people and our soil over the next month will dictate whether we will be reflected as tyrants or heros. Through solidarity, unity and truth we will succeed, we will prosper and we will subdue this home-grown terrorist uprising!


Brian Sutherland

Naturally, the media got on to this in a great big hurry. Seems that fightback.org.au doesn’t much like the media spotlight– and now ‘Sutherland’ is singing a very different song:

NEWSFLASH! – Various Sydney and national based news-papers recently featured our site, some material was quoted out of context and to clarify this, let it be understood, that we are not a racially motivated, but a multi-racial and Australian organisation. The document cited, utilised the words ‘wog’ and ‘leb’ and linked that to our website, we did not say this.

Oh, yes you did! And as soon as the media got a line on your site, ‘Mr Sutherland,’ you pulled the page down- and are now lying through your teeth about ever having posted it. Don’t worry… there’s plenty of copies- and witnesses that the page existed on the http://www.fightback.org.au/conduct.html location, exactly as I have quoted it.

Does anyone need any more proof that racists are cowards to the core? Turn on the media spotlight and they run like roaches.

Could the 5 nazis who were arrested on their way to Brighton-le-Sands with police scanners, 25 litres of petrol and equipment to make molotov cocktails be part of the "Sutherland" mob? It sure as hell doesn’t look coincidental.  


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I have but one thing to say.
Liars and Cowards!
He pulled the page. Now that’s standin by your position!

Comment by foxman 12.18.05 @ 10:17 pm

It seems Mr Sutherland is all mouth and no trousers, just another racist coward, who needs to get his facts right. Shame on you Mr Sutherland.

Comment by Kate G 12.20.05 @ 10:24 pm

‘Mr Sutherland’ is in fact Andrew Sanders, one of the chappies busted with petrol bomb material in Brighton-le-Sands.

Andrew’s father, Steve Sanders, died in 2003. Andrew appears to have fallen prey to the stereotypical suite of personality problems common to a large percentage of those who join up with nazis and other white supremacists- mainly a lack of a strong father figure in the home and little sense of belonging to a group, like one’s family.

All one need do to gain the approval of the hatemongers is to profess to hate the same people they do. The hatemongers don’t care what one’s deficiencies are- they will fill their bereft prey with all manner of supports in exchange for victimising racial targets. It’s absolutely predatory behaviour.

However, I have no sympathy for one who would victimise others to make themselves feel whole, whether that is a nazi or his emotionally damaged recruit.

Comment by weezil 12.21.05 @ 5:02 pm

It may be the skeptical media eye from an undergrad in journalism, but isn’t it also possible that Mr Sutherland was too extreme for the group and posted things they disagreed with and therefore removed it and gave him the boot?

Or is it just easier to point fingers at everyone and scream ‘fascist’ just as we faced with the communist witch hunt twenty years ago?

Comment by Joe 01.27.06 @ 8:55 pm

Joe, if you read the post you just commented, you would have enough information to answer that rather rhetorical query yourself.

‘Sutherland’ is Sanders and Sanders registered the website. It’s his- and so were the plans to burn and bash brown people.

I realise you only came here to troll, so a sensible answer probably isn’t what you wanted, but there it is.

Comment by weezil 01.27.06 @ 8:58 pm

I’m just wondering something. The article by Sutherland says that some of the members of fightback are of middle eastern origin. Why, then, are we calling them nazis and racists? I’m just wondering where it says specifically that these guys are nazis.
Granted they are taking some sort of action in Cronulla but I can’t find evidence that they are white-supremacist, especially considering the multi-culturalism of its membership?

Comment by aketus 01.29.06 @ 12:55 pm

Ak, it’s because they* are LYING. The person who claims to be of ‘half leb’ origin- isn’t.

*meaning fightback.org.au & the parties responisble for it.

Comment by weezil 01.29.06 @ 3:20 pm

ok. and I suppose that’s the same for the apparent ‘distribution of the Anarchist Cookbook’?

keep in mind i’m not trolling, I just want to cover some of the claims so I understand

Comment by aketus 01.29.06 @ 5:56 pm

I neither have any independent knowledge of Sanders’ distribution of the Anarchist’s Cookbook nor do I find it terribly significant- other than the fact that the AC goes into some depth detailing some incredibly dangerous nonsense. If you apprehend a guy with 25 litres of petrol and materials to make molotov cocktails though, as Sanders was, you might reckon he’s given the AC a good read.

I do have independent knowlege of the fellow who is claiming to be ‘half-leb, half-greek’ and am familiar with his membership in the White Pride Coalition of Australia.

What’s your point?

Comment by weezil 01.29.06 @ 7:29 pm

My point was, there has to be solid evidence determining whether they are white-supremacist or not. If not, where does the accusation come from? The actual words of the site cannot be said to be white supremacist. However, if you have information that does determine it, show it. ‘Independant knowledge’ is a good thing, but ‘they’re nazis because I said so’ is not convincing. Notably, ‘they’re not nazis’ is also not convincing. I’m just looking for facts.
My point is that I want to see evidence so I can agree with you. I’m not arguing in favour or defense of them, I’m an anarchist, I just want to be sure of what you’re saying.

Comment by aketus 01.30.06 @ 9:05 am

Aketus, do you think that Sanders & his mates being apprehended with materials to make molotov cocktails ALONG WITH white supremacist literature (believed to be from the White Pride Coalition of Australia) is enough to call them violent nazis?

How about records of the guy who says he is ‘half-leb, half-Greek’ posting on the WPCA forum (before FightDemBack killed it)?

Plenty for me.

Comment by weezil 01.30.06 @ 9:11 am

I’m interested in the WPCA guy. Do you know his alias on the WPCA forum? Incidentally, has it been killed? I was just trying to find some information and found the WPCA forum here: is it dead?

If he really is/was a member of WPCA then I’m convinced.

If you have any more info, I’d be interested, drop me a line at aketus(at)gmail(dot)com and I can explain why


Comment by aketus 01.30.06 @ 9:23 am

I’m referring to one Robert Roach of Forrestville, NSW. He used the nickname “Freak” on the WPCA forum.

Yes- the WPCA forum is a dead dog. The operators of WPCA, Terry Davis (nickname ‘Cyrus Samhain’) and Peter Campbell (‘Kromlek of Asgard’) pulled it offline when it got a little too hot for their liking.

Comment by weezil 01.30.06 @ 11:02 am

[…] Weezil has written two very interesting articles on Fightback.org, the website Andrew Sanders authored. […]

Pingback by Solidatrity Forever at slackbastard 05.01.06 @ 1:11 am

i think its rediculous people call these people nazis, they are purely defending there culture. and i think if the ethnic youth have a culture of violence and abuse agaisnt wemon WHICH THEY DO and people just need to admit it other wise they wont solve it, and thus the people demanding action agaisnt them are justafied.

i have friends who have been beated up just because they stood up and said they were australian when some turkish gangsters asked if there were any skips on a train. its outragious, racial violence agaist people..in there own country!? we have a need to defend ourselves because obviously the police arnt aware of the violence of modern ethnic youth.

but in saying that i dont mean all ethnic youth has this problem, but it is a majority. i have greek and italian friends who say cronulla was justafiable because even they see that these gangster idiots are embarrising them, Australia needs action to show that this behaviour is not tolerated.

i say even if 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants show blantant disrespect to the nationlistic ways of australia and insult our way and out right just say they dont like Australia should be deported.

if they hate us so much, go “home!”

Comment by Inkboyjosh 08.07.06 @ 9:28 pm

Inkboyjosh, were your… err… nameless friends accosted by the infamous Westside Turks?

Do you think aboriginals should go “home” too?

Nationalists are dinosaurs whose own IQ will sort them right out. You’re living proof- for the time being. Remember, never cross against the light… and hope you can remember your colours.

Comment by weez 08.07.06 @ 9:54 pm

no my friends arnt “westside turks”.

and no i dont think aboriginals should go home. dont put words into my mouth iam not being racist iam meerly saying there IS a problem with ethnic (not aboriginal) youth in australia and this assosiation with nazis that people lable any who blantantly express a opinion with out fear of political correctness get. (i find this really fun when italians call people nazis, they seem to forget that they themselves where infact real nazi)

i just think migrants should show some more respect to our culture and our laws.

and please dont call me dumb thats jsut childish, i presume you only read the last line of my comment and presumed i was just saying “go home” to every one who isnt white, well your wrong, i said if they dont like us they should go home, we shouldnt have to accomidate for there criminal behaviour or change our culture so they can sexual harrass wemon, quite frankly they should ether intirely isolate them selves or return to their country so they cant interfear with mine.

Comment by Inkboyjosh 08.11.06 @ 8:29 am

Josh- Let’s put this to rest; the vast majority of people who want to justify a racist comment (like yours) say shit like ‘my friend was beaten/robbed/abused by (name any ethnic group).

I’m a migrant to Australia; which laws do you think I really ought to be paying attention to? Racial vilification laws, perhaps?

You can piss off now, moron.

Comment by weez 08.11.06 @ 8:38 am

your right weez, I’m a racist moron. I’ll go away now and never come back.

Comment by Inkboyjosh 08.13.06 @ 5:24 pm

That’s the old spirit, mate.

Comment by weez 08.13.06 @ 6:16 pm

Andrew Scott Gianni Sanders is actually of italian decent. His grandparents are known as Nona and Nono. I can’t remember the amount of times I heard Andrew and his English born father Steve talking about how shit this country was and how much they wanted to go back to what they called HOME!His mother’s family migrated to Australia in the 50s from the south of Italy and lived in a migrant camp, in Parkes NSW. Not bad for someone that hates everyone that isn’t white.

Comment by Renai 03.21.08 @ 11:58 pm

curious, Renai.

Comment by weez 03.22.08 @ 4:13 am

It’s interesting to note that after the storm in a tea-cup of media exposure and three years of silence on the subject that no one in the media, nor the multiple witch-hunting hobbyist sites, have cared to appreciate that the only source of negative information on this matter was … oh, let’s see, Iemma’s storm-troopers leaking misinformation to the press.

No evidence was ever submitted that I was a white-supremacist, or a neo-nazi, or anything of the sort; because no evidence exists.

To answer a few questions–which given the shameless and baseless vilification I’ve copped I really shouldn’t be arsed to do–fightback.org.au was a website registered by a group of socialist university students who thought social action through peaceful protest against gang violence was the answer. Needless to say, any such action attracts muppets, who were dropped on their arse for their actions and sent packing. The organisation was thoroughly multi-racial, and not just as cited here with one ‘half-leb’ as it was so eloquently put.

It’s recurrently cited that I was in possession of 25 litres of petrol and ‘bomb making equipment.’ Our wonderful boys in blue were refering to a 20 litre jerry can affixed in the boot of the vehicle, which is not in any way unusual. They came to the conclusion it was for nefarious use because also in the boot was a backpack, in this backpack was a first aid kit. Within that first aid kit were latex gloves. The police did allude to this in various ‘leaks’ to the media. However it still puzzles me to this day how no one had the common sense to remember back to .. ooh, year 7 science and appreciate what petrol does to latex.

Uh, for those who seemed to have skipped that, the petrol would pour straight through the membrane, dissolving it. Gloves are clearly not what are used to create molotov cocktails, they are clearly for placing over one’s head and inflating through the nose as party gags, or .. gasp, perhaps for use in first aid. But that’s just a factual matter, and let’s face it facts are irrelivant in this era of terrorism! And I’m sure there are people sitting here thinking “OMG BUT WHY DO YOU NEED A BACKPACK? OR A FIRST AID KIT? OR LATEX GLOVES?!?! CLEARLY YOU MUST BE A NAZI!” I am involved in many outdoors activities, or what some would call ‘extreme sports,’ and my vehicle more often than not has abseiling gear, safety gear, hiking gear and actually I do believe there were two wet suits and some scuba gear in the boot. Perhaps I was going to attempt sea-born fire bomb invasions of Cronulla via Brighton? Gasp! Yeah .. no.

Three years, defamation, vilification, the fash and their fishing expeditions and dozens of charges added, removed, replaced, swapped, I stand here free and unconvicted after an all-grounds appeal. The last of the charges placed against me were in relation to an expired firearms license, which according to the face was not expired, however according to the firearms registry was. Disposal of the target pistol in question was sought, the police wouldn’t take it into custody, nor would a firearms shop, thus I was advised to keep it safe (1) and reapply and they would hasten the application proceedure. I did everything possible on my side, they dragged their feet and used it as an excuse to eventually charge me.

The other weapons of mass destruction retrieved from my property after our jackbooted states finest trashed the place amounted to smoke flares and and old non-functional can of mace owned by someone who lives at the property from a state other than NSW (note: I believe it’s only NSW where women cannot carry a can of pepperspray in their purse for their own protection at present.) Interestingly though, if so many WMD’s were in my abode, and I was truly on the streets of Sydney being a public menace, why was the only ‘weapon’ recovered from my vehicle a utility knife in a pocket on a kit belt with my abseiling gear? Alas, merely just another fact, we should push those aside and instead just run with the assumption of guilt until proven innocent, because after all, that’s not fascist.

What amuses me the most is, at the time we had a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and a media culpable of irrational fear mongering and yet some of the folks here, and on other such sites, had the audacity or perhaps the ignorants to assume -I- was the fascist. The police state we live in where people live their lives in terror of their neighbours closet-terrorism/nazism/communism/paganism/homosexuality(ism?)/etc ad neuseumism, fuelled by media witch hunting and backed by coffee house intellectuals has induced a society of fear mongering where very few people have the common sense or decency to stop, take a step back, and be critical or objective.

Thank you, however, to the few posters on this board and others who had taken the time to do that and question the facts of this matter. Because under even slight skepticism, scrutiny, or investigation, the allegations amounted to a puff.

The state wanted blood. I was the sacrificial lamb. Yet, thankfully, wisdom and justice prevailed.

(1) – Firearm storage requirements under state legislation are vastly superior to the storage requirements of the police, or even our military. The requirement that firearms are kept in a safe of specific dimensions and stregth (which locksmiths cannot even break into should you lose the key, in fact SHOULD you lose the key it is highly unlikely you will be able to access the safe without inadvertantly destroying it’s contents also) whilst also meeting guidelines of certain burglar alarm, window break and door reed requirements and the requisite CCTV coverage of the property were all met at the time of the fishing expedition.

Comment by Andrew Sanders 04.10.08 @ 10:15 am

Mr Sanders, you published (yes, you published- remember the BRITFEST ABN you used to register the .org.au domain name?) a list of gear to take to a race riot- and then the cops find the VERY gear you describe… in your car, right down to CB radios on channel 20.


No, we sure wouldn’t want to bash them just on their LOOKS!

Sanders, you had a reasonably good attorney, a shitty prosecutor, lazy arresting officers- and the luck of Riley. I don’t think you get luck like that twice in this lifetime. Enjoy your uni career- and keep your nose clean.

Comment by weez 04.11.08 @ 5:57 am

I register a website, therefore I am every person who publishes on that website? I have a CB radio built into my car, ergo I must be a neo-nazi terrorist?

So let me understand this properly. I was tried, found innocent, my lawyer barely said a word and the judge massacred the prosecutions storm in a teacup case, and yet .. my trial by jury is of course the one you’ll run with? Ahuh. Non sequitur.

Comment by Andrew Sanders 04.11.08 @ 2:34 pm

You register and set up a personal website- yes, I would expect you to have sole control of it. You are NOT Blogger.

I was born at night- but it sure as hell wasn’t LAST night.

Comment by weez 04.11.08 @ 3:49 pm

Don’t you think if it was a personal website that after a certain knob jockey posted crap on there that I’d have copped flack for hate speech? Or that the rest of the folks who had access / posted on there would have too? Given that EVERYTHING to do with that site was reviewed under subpoena by the DPP and the courts and I was never charged with ANYTHING racial or hate driven, I have a strong feeling that what I stated above still stands as the irrefutable truth.

Keep in mind that the police and DPP will only meet their budget requirements on an ‘on conviction’ basis, combined with the Daily Terrorgraph’s neccessity to fire up the ultra-conservatives demanding blood rather than justice, I can say without any doubt that this matter has been thoroughly hashed out and I was charged with EVERYTHING they could possibly charge me with.

If the state stormtroopers took to your house–think hard and honestly here–and seized all your computers, et cetera, and literally ransacked the place trying desperately to find something to charge you with; would you have the same outcome? Oddly, over the past three years of discussing this situation with many people, very few could safely say yes.

What intrigues me is the social implications of this thread, our discussion, your reaction. It is amazing that there are people within our society who overtly state they hate fascism and the use of force to make people conform to the will of a segment of society, yet then turn to private citizens (whether rationally based in some cases, or purely based on media spin) to find their targets of whom to accuse of biggotry or fascism, the whole while sitting blind to the events and effects of the state and the ultra-conservative portion of the media, whom carry out acts that in even the United States would be considered to have been in breach of various laws.

The fact of the matter is, after all that has played out, I feel completely at peace with the decision of the court. No, not because “I got off,” because they investigated the matter with a fine tooth come and found all the allegations raised to be baseless.

The Cronulla issue, in my opinion, was merely a facilitator for the government to get the Patriot Act II equiv. legislation passed, with abilities to ‘lock down’ areas, seize electronic devices off people and hold them without warrant, et cetera. From the commencement, I had wished I had taken a more active role in communication with the media simply on the grounds that I saw first hand the spin machine at work and the only victim from that entire fiasco was the civil liberties of all Australian citizens. However truth be told, had I even dared to make comment at that point it would have yielded some horrific misquote that would have fuelled the DPP to try and apply charge for any sporks, lighter fluid, deoderant can, or coffee mug I may have owned in some farcical trumped up delusional charge which only makes sense when the mind is that obscured with the illogical need for a sacrifice to appease the masses.

Alas, I could discuss this until the cows come home and then some. If this subject does interest you however, I’d be more than happy to discuss it further; however I can’t exactly keep checking back here all that often so forgive the tardiness of my replies. In the meantime, you have my email address.

Comment by Andrew Sanders 04.13.08 @ 12:38 pm

Mr Sanders, if I recall correctly, your ‘how to throw a race riot’ website came to the attention of myself & FDB as a result of your postings on neo-nazi website Stormfront under your then nickname “blue8eyed8devil,” n’est-ce pas? The 8s wouldn’t happen to stand for the 8th letter of the alphabet, H, eg 88 = HH = Heil Hitler?

Don’t even THINK about playing angelic with me, son.

Now, so it happens, it’s been three years hence- many memories have faded, including mine. Were I you, I’d be using that to your advantage- but your ego, the very same ego that has kept you periodically coming back to this website and searching it for your own name (yes, WordPress records minutiae like that) apparently won’t let you.

I have absolutely no intention of going to the trouble of writing & researching you only to converse with you about it. It’s only fair that I go back over my notes and publish some new stuff about you and fightback.org.au… and make sure it’s accurate… and very complete.

I promise it will soothe your chafed, indignant ego- I’ll be sure to use a “fine tooth come.”

Stay tuned. πŸ˜‰

Comment by weez 04.13.08 @ 10:09 pm

Firstly, I’ve never used a website that to my knowledge was neo-nazi, overtly or otherwise. Unless you question the racial bias of a few certain not-to-be-named socialist groups out there I may have commented on the forums of. I condone and encourage peaceful action only, and have participated in some way in many political protests over the years, but this is of no relevance.

As for ‘ego,’ I don’t see how ego comes into play when merely searching the internet just to examine how badly one’s name has been dragged through the mud and suffered defamation and libel, that is clearly not the truth, which is the only reason I felt the need to address the issue with you personally.

I had hoped that over time you would have come to the conclusion that much of what you had written previously was overt defamation of sorts, but you seem to be stuck in the complexities of the fact that a static HTTPD can be maintained and accessed by anyone who is given a login and password. Thus, given that my name was the registrant, I am solely liable for whatever is written on that site. I figured the defamatory material would, through natural attrition, come to pass.

Well, it appears my attempt to communicate rationally has proven pointless, so enjoy your ‘fine tooth come’ [sic] and try not to let your irrational hatred blind you. I aknowledge the threat of further defamation, and will most definitely stay tuned. πŸ™‚

Comment by Andrew Sanders 04.17.08 @ 1:56 pm

Hey- feel free to sue me at your leisure! πŸ˜† Seriously, come and get me!

There won’t be any material removed from mgk- if I pulled stuff down every time some bonehead threatened me with a lawsuit, there’d be nothing here. Lawyer up and fire at will.

Considering the kkkrap you put on Stormfart (do you still support the idea of taking over Tasmania for the white race?)

(formerly here)

The only solution is to inhabit someplace small and logistically sound (like Tasmania), begin swinging votes by making circumcision illegal (bam, there goes the jewish population), which isn’t a hard thing as most parents and doctors refuse to do it anymore as mutilating one’s children serves no purpose. It’s 2005, we can all wash our genitals quite well now.

…it’s REAL hard for you to claim you’ve never used a racist website… πŸ˜†

The ‘fine tooth come’ error was yours. πŸ˜€

Writs at dawn- or STFU. I hope you can afford your court costs- and mine.

Comment by weez 04.18.08 @ 6:46 am

Hmm. Andrew, the best part is, if you want to get legal, you have to put yourself in the court again, which is fantastic, because we get to prove in court using expert witnesses from both the press and the police (both of whom have perused these documents on your site) that you really are guilty of what we claim you are.

Remember son, you got found not guilty (Not “innocent”, subtle difference) of something completely different, and we can prove this to the standards of a civil case.

To quote a great one, “Go ahead. Make our day”. Hope you got deep pockets!

Comment by duckmonster 04.18.08 @ 12:30 pm

You know, if you swapped ‘racist’ for ‘terrorist’ in the above thread, I’m pretty sure you guys would have been hired in little Johnny’s regime as head propagandists for his hate machine. Seriously, valium, and lots of it. πŸ™‚

Comment by Andrew Sanders 04.20.08 @ 1:36 am

Sanders, your comments will no longer be published on mgk. I’m under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to give you a platform, but did so anyway. My kindness expired with your threat to sue. I’m not feeling generous anymore.

I’m now waiting on your defamation writ. πŸ˜† So are Hildebrand & News Ltd. Bring it on. I’m certainly not going to be chugging Jack Daniels while I’m waiting, though.

As a matter of some quite coincidental fact, I’d been getting a bit bored with blogging- note the long gaps between posts in the last several months- and actually was planning to close this thing down- before you popped in, anyway.

Thanks to you, I’ve now got a whole new reason to keep running mgk. Check the domain name registration record- I just reserved machinegunkeyboard.com for another year.

It sure isn’t your cleverness nor massive intelligence that got you in this mess (nor out of it). If you’re going to put up a ‘how to throw a race riot’ website, the very least you could have done is covered your tracks- instead, you left a trail of breadcrumbs straight to your door. Ponderous. Absolutely ponderous.

FDB have infiltrated every racist group in Australia and thus had a pretty good idea of who you are- and who you’re not. No- we didn’t (and still don’t) actually think you’re a hardcore nazi- more like ‘nazi lite;’ a weak, ordinary dumbass racist, but one who had stepped over the line to incitement of violence against certain ethnic persons.

Back in 2005, we asked the real hardcore nazis about you. Most didn’t know of you mob, except the White Pride Coalition of Australia (now defunct thanks to FDB), whom we know had contact with Roach through his use of their (also now defunct thanks to FDB) discussion forum. Daevid Palmer, self-styled ‘fuehrer’ of the ‘Australian National Socialist Defence of Aryan People Movement (NSDAP)’ and ‘Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Australian Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’ said of you lot- and I quote- “dilettantes.”

Andrew Sanders- alone is the cause of Andrew Sanders’ problems. When you work that one out, your life will be much happier.

Comment by weez 04.20.08 @ 6:58 am

So Andrew Scott Sanders, how long have you been the president of “The Law Society of The University of Western Sydney”? Probably since about 7 September 2007, per this domain name record:

Domain Name lawsociety.org.au
Last Modified 07-Sep-2007 12:32:35 UTC
Registrar ID Melbourne IT
Registrar Name Melbourne IT
Status ok
Registrant The Law Society
Eligibility Type Non-profit Organisation
Registrant ROID C5397680-AR
Registrant Contact Name Andrew Scott
Registrant Email 13770785@scholar.uws.edu.au
Tech ROID C5397680-AR
Tech Name Andrew Scott
Tech Email 13770785@scholar.uws.edu.au
Name Server ns3.zoneedit.com
Name Server ns9.zoneedit.com

13770785@scholar.uws.edu.au is remarkably similar to your UWS email address, Andrew.

Putting up a website, inventing a Law Society and naming yourself the president of it DOES NOT qualify you as a barrister… nor to make legal threats whilst pretending to be a lawyer… but it might just disqualify you from ever being admitted to the bar.

Got to have a non-profit org ABN to get the .org.au TLD, as you found when registering fightback.org.au. So, what non-profit’s ABN did you use to register lawsociety.org.au with Melbourne I/T?

Sweet jesus, you’re dumb, Sanders.

Comment by weez 07.09.08 @ 8:11 pm

Like a floater turd that just won’t stay flushed, Herr Sanders is back… as Herr Kellerman.

Face it, Andrew, you’re just not the smartest guy in the room.

Comment by weez 04.17.09 @ 3:57 pm

seems to go under the name of Val on http://www.ASYD.org with protests against Scientology. When will it ever cease

Comment by Rachel 05.18.09 @ 1:57 am

Rachel, it’s just flabbergasting to me how hard this joker chases importance and gravitas, failing all the while to understand that the way you get respect is to earn it, not scam your way into it.

Comment by weez 05.20.09 @ 5:39 am

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