Downward envy part II
Wednesday February 08th 2006, 11:50 pm

Went out to hear some Greenpeace activists who were on the recent Antarctic anti-whaling campaign speak at the National Maritime Museum this evening. Fascinating. Incredibly tough, dedicated people. More about them later.

yeah, baby! (click for full size)Decided to pop in to Newtown for a bite to eat on the way home. As usual, finding disabled access parking in Newtown was difficult, but it was made only worse by able-bodied wankers who decided that their convenience was worth more than the discomfort or difficulty disabled people encounter when doing something so simple as going out for a meal. 

Bad idea.

Disabled access spaces are not 5 minute parking for able-bodied people just because the space is not presently occupied with a disabled person’s car. Being lazy is not a disability. Running late is not a disability.

If you can walk the extra 20 paces it would take to use a legal parking space instead of illegally using a disabled access space… you’re blessed! People with disabilities need these spaces- they are not some grand perk afforded to just any old slob who merely claims they have a bad back.

The Parking Rangers were on top of it. This inconsiderate jerk copped a $375 attitude adjustment fee.

And I smiled all the way home. 🙂 

la la la la la 


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That’s way more than I thought a council would value a disabled person’s rights and comfort.

It’s $120 at my local shopping centre.

Comment by suki 02.09.06 @ 9:05 pm

Suki, if we’re going to hold up the amount of discomfort I have when I have to walk (or rather, hobble) anywhere compared to some twit’s convenience, $375 isn’t nearly enough. I would like to know where the money goes, though. Wouldn’t it be luverly if the fines went to pay for disabled access ramps and lifts in public places?

Comment by weezil 02.10.06 @ 8:53 am

What, you mean, help disadvantaged people?

There’s no money in that! That would be unconstitutional 😀

I’m glad the prick got fined. Nevertheless it fascinates me that we have a system where people actually rely on people committing crimes, so that they get paid.
It would be more effective if everyone had the right to fine someone who was committing such a crime, and the money from that fine being put towards, as you say, aid to those that are disadvantaged in life, or disadvantaged by idiots like that one.

Comment by aketus 02.10.06 @ 9:07 am

Thanks for popping in again, aketus.

Quite true that necessary projects such as ramps and lifts should be included as a general expense in any public building. Reliance on criminal behaviour for sole funding of such things obviously isn’t the way to go, but it would be nice if the proceeds of fines were used in some way to improve access in places which are underfunded or don’t get funded any other way. ‘Course, if funding for access is THAT restricted, the basis for funding needs adjustment.

American comic George Carlin had a similar scheme for public prosecutions. He reckoned that every driver should get a suction-cup dart gun. Each dart would have a little flag on it with the word “STUPID” printed in block letters. After a car collected about 10 flags, the cops could pull the driver over for being an asshole. 😀

Comment by weezil 02.10.06 @ 9:19 am

This is a little off topic but since I’ve been out and about on trains and buses I’m still having trouble with getting off. There’s a pretty big gap between curb or platform and I look wonderful swinging out and over like Tarzan.
At least the bus drivers lately have been pretty good about not driving off until I’m safely down.
I love the flag idea.

Comment by JahTeh 02.10.06 @ 5:05 pm

Buses and trains are just not an option for me; I just can’t do all the walking between the stops and my destination. I do have a snazzy little electric scooter for getting around, but recently have had have trouble lifting it. No way I could get it on a bus, unless there was a wheelchair lift.

Many buses now have the capacity to ‘kneel’ or lower the air suspension on the bus to reduce the step height. Ask the driver next time. Also, most Sydney train stations have wheelchair ramps if you can’t make the gap. Ask any station attendant and they will fetch it for you.

Comment by weezil 02.11.06 @ 10:26 am

Was in a bus this morning (Melbourne) and the driver actually collided with the bus shelter and shattered its glass window. Then he looked guiltily in the mirror at us, reversed, and drove off quickly.
Starts to make sense why the ticket prices keep going up. Repairs. And of course the service decreases at the same rate as the prices go up. Which is what happens when a private company runs a public service. Spells trouble.

Comment by aketus 02.13.06 @ 11:16 am

aketus, thanks for that.

While I have no general opposition to capitalism, private businesses exist to make a profit for themselves or shareholders- only. They are under no general obligation to provide a service as their core mission. Some services required by the community simply are not profitable to provide, such as telephone and internet or public transport service in rural areas. If there is no commitment on the part of government to provide these unprofitable services, they simply won’t exist.

Comment by weezil 02.13.06 @ 11:23 am

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