Resistance is FUTILE!
Saturday February 25th 2006, 8:55 am

I am Little Johnny of Borg. You will be assimilated.


There’s just no other word to describe my reaction to anti-Islam statements by John Howard and Peter Costello.

Treasurer Peter Costello’s comment about revoking Australian citizenship from dual nationals is not only stupid and divisive, but since 1958, Australian citizenship acquired by naturalisation is equivalent to that acquired by being born to parents where one is an Australian citizen. Unless one has committed fraud on a citizenship application, citizenship granted by naturalisation cannot be revoked. (But wait- the bar is about to be raised for acquiring and keeping Australian Citizenship. Heard about the Citizenship Bill of 2005 yet?)

Costello, for absolutely no apparent reason, is whipping up Islamophobia where there simply was none before. PM John Howard has backed Costello’s comments and is further calling for Muslims who have moved to Australia to "assimilate." At least we now know where Danna Vale’s ridiculous comments from last week come from.

On the bright side, Peter Beatty sees the Howard/Costello/Vale troika of cheap shot wedge politics just for what it is.

I had rather thought that official policies of assimilation had croaked with the halting of the Stolen Generation policies… guess not.

This government wouldn’t know the strength of diversity if it jumped up and bit them on the ass. 


UPDATE: Suki nails it: "Divisiveness- Trot it out to divert from Wheatgate."

UPDATE II: Alan Moir sees something in the diversionary theory as well…



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Do you think this will extend to him boycotting his favourite Indonesian restaurant where they make the sweetest Rendang?

Divisiveness- Trot it out to divert from Wheatgate.

Comment by suki 02.25.06 @ 9:04 am

Bingo, Suki.

Comment by weezil 02.25.06 @ 9:22 am

The parochial and simple-minded attitude is seemingly still prevalent: “If you don’t like it here you can go and live on the ocean bed” (effectively, for most migrants have nowhere else to go, cannot return “home”, so would have to either live where they are now or kill themselves trying to find a deserted island.)

People who sport this kind of attitude are generally quite rigid, arrogant and impossibly simple-minded. They don’t give sincere migrants any chance to adjust. Full adjustment to anotheer requires a number of years — generally a whole generation, no matter how determined one is as a migrant to “adjust”.

See: my own story

Simple-minded and vicious people who enjoin others to effectively “go and live at the bottom of the ocean, if you don’t like it here” are the real culprits, who prevent psychological and social assimilation even as they condemn the victims they create for lacking to assimilate!

Comment by Jennifer 02.25.06 @ 7:44 pm

oops — wrong url

my own story

gives a general idea of how fucking hard the “assimilation” process is.

And I really only glibbed over this, to make it easier on the gentle reader.

Comment by Jennifer 02.25.06 @ 7:47 pm

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Howard as a Borg! Love it! Resistance is futile.

What do you make of Abbott’s article which virtually contradicts Howard and Costello?

Comment by David Heidelberg 02.27.06 @ 1:38 pm

Hi Weez, I thought Oz has always had a policy that one couldn’t hold dual citizenship?
But that said, my ex was smuggled into Oz, hasn’t ever even voted and immigration won’t do a thing about him. I think it’s because he’s a white atheist US citizen.
That’s even after his dad did time for kidnapping him in Orange County, never sent him back and never bothered finding out how he got here.
I think there are a lot of inconsistencies in the immigration system.

Comment by ab 02.27.06 @ 9:57 pm

ab, it once was that Australian citizens could not adopt a second citizenship without losing their Aus citizenship, but as far as I know, you’ve never had to divest yourself of a prior citizenship to acquire Australian citizenship.

In example, I’m a dual Australian and American citizen, having had American citizenship from birth.

The yanks are a bit jealous about it- you cannot adopt US citizenship without divesting yourself of all prior citizenships.

Comment by weezil 02.28.06 @ 6:27 am

Thanks. You’ve gone and ruined my memories of the extraordinary sweet Hugh Borg.

Comment by cfsmtb 02.28.06 @ 9:52 am

Sorry cil. Howard made me do it.

Comment by weezil 02.28.06 @ 8:53 pm

Ahh yes, ok thanks for that Weezil, I must have remembered it the wrong way round.

Re divisiveness – any port in a storm.

Comment by ab 02.28.06 @ 10:28 pm


Comment by kakariki 03.02.06 @ 11:28 am

With a dog whistle in one hand…

Comment by Ed 03.03.06 @ 2:06 pm

Hey Weezil,

You made some comments about dual Australian and US citizenship above. I’m living in the US and planning to take American citizenship shortly and becoming a dual citizen.

A reader at my blog left me these comments:

“JahTeh said…
According to the Prime Weasel’s apprentice, dual citizenship might not be that permanent, if they don’t like you.

4:29 PM, March 22, 2006

Gay Curmudgeon said…

You have my attention. What exactly has been said about dual citizenship not being that permanent? Please point me to any atricles or citations so I can research. Thanks…

~The Gay Curmudgeon

10:14 AM, March 23, 2006

JahTeh said…
It came up when the new terrorism and sedition laws were being put in place. is run by an american/australian who was very concerned with this. I’m sure he would email you with any new info.

Also worrying was the fact that religious factions in the government could interfer with applications for interdependency migration relationships involving same sex couples.

6:15 PM, March 23, 2006″

Can you point me to any information on the grounds for removing Australian citizenship that she refers to above please?


~The Gay Curmudgeon

Comment by The Gay Curmudgeon 03.25.06 @ 2:36 am

GC, thanks for popping in.

If you’re intent upon taking up US citizenship, you’ll have to divest yourself of all prior citizenships per US immigration law. You’ll have to renounce your Australian citizenship, so dual nationality isn’t a possibility for you. I suppose it’s possible to renounce your Aus citizenship and apply later to have it reinstated- which it most likely will be.

Australia does not require that naturalised citizens renounce prior citizenships. I am a US citizen by birth and migrated to Australia. I retained my US citizenship, mainly to keep the ability to vote in some US elections.

I think the impermanence of dual-nationality JT was referring to was in reference to the recent ill-thought spews of the Treasurer. Peter Costello rattled some silly sabres about revocation of Australian citizenship of Muslim migrants, exhorting them to ‘assimilate’ or piss off. Typical wedge/red-herring politics, intended to draw public attention away from the AWB scandal.

In fact, the only cause for revocation of naturalised Australian citizenship is fraud in the course of the citizenship application. The Treasurer was basically talking out of his arse.

If you have Australian citizenship by descent, I don’t think there’s any avenue at all the Australian government may take to deprive you of it.

As far as religious groups interfering in the granting of same-sex interdependency visas, I’m not quite sure how that would work. I wasn’t aware that any religious groups had any say in such grants.

Comment by weez 03.25.06 @ 7:45 pm

[…] Howard and Costello are (again) blowing the racism dog-whistle in the lead-in to the 2007 federal elections, but it seems they’re using a 300 horsepower air compressor this time around. […]

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