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Thursday March 09th 2006, 8:01 pm

not what you thought

The American Civil Liberties Union is a well known, popularly funded civil rights organisation, known the world over by its acronym, ‘ACLU.’ The ACLU has a long tradition of ethically defending unpopular free speech causes.

The ACLU have in fact defended neo-nazis and white supremacists in the past, perhaps most famously in the late 1970s when American neo-nazis demanded (and were granted by the US Supreme Court) the right to demonstrate in the very Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie, Illinois. Immortalised as ‘Illinois Nazis’ by Aykroyd & Belushi in their 1980 film, The Blues Brothers.

An Australian organisation, the ‘Australian Civil Liberties Union‘ is co-opting the ‘ACLU’ acronym, portending themselves to be a civil rights advocacy organisation.

Not quite.

Dig a little deeper and you find an anti-Jewish, holocaust denial and anti-Muslim tripe geyser.

The AusCLU is not the ethical defender of civil rights they want you to superficially believe they are. AusCLU is in fact a front for the Citizens Electoral Council, which is funded by the king of the anti-semitic conspiracy theory nutbags, Lyndon LaRouche.

Sorry, AusCLU, civil rights are human rights- and even Muslims and Jews deserve them.


UPDATE: See also the Southern Cross Greens, who name-drop ‘Earth First’ and co-opt the Australian Greens policies- but add a few nasty little xenophobic ones of their own. Another quality page hosted on Angelfire.

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It’s like World Wildlife Fund (WWF) vs. World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) except more serious.

Comment by Ed 03.10.06 @ 9:54 am

Check into the Southern Cross Greens. ‘Third positionism’ at its most glaringly obvious.

Comment by weezil 03.10.06 @ 11:30 am

Australia, why always the inferior grade emulation of Americanism?

Comment by Jennifer 03.10.06 @ 6:22 pm

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