Surrounded by morons
Tuesday March 21st 2006, 9:58 pm

Morris Iemma thinks NSW Police need water cannons to contain riots, despite Police Commissioner Moroney thinking that indicates police have lost the plot. Moroney’s half-right. Iemma’s lost the plot. No, Morrie, this isn’t Beirut or Belfast.

Kim Beasley can’t get any mileage out of the AWB scandal (but not for want of trying on really bad media stunts), so instead, he reckons that porno should be filtered by ISPs. Considering the sad state of broadband internet connectivity in Australia (particularly in rural and regional areas), its a rather moot point.

Alexander Downer and Mark Vaile were told of the AWB kickbacks to Saddam Hussein in March 2004. They just forgot to tell anyone. Oops.

The Liberals finally have tabled their plan to demolish media diversity through deregulation of cross-media ownership, all while telling us the plan will expand media diversity. Uh-huh.

Gonna go pitch a tent in Bingagundawanngungigai for a while… maybe the stupid will stop by the time I get back.


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Call me a mad libretarian, but internet filtering is not something I would entrust to any government, at all, ever.

Filtering is the responsibility of parents.

Comment by Kieran Bennett 03.25.06 @ 3:39 pm

Kieran, I certainly did wonder who it was that Beaz was going to have setting up the filtering criteria I’d ask Beaz, but I don’t want to encourage him down this path in any way. Let’s hope, after the sound drubbing this silly idea was given in the press & blogosphere over the past week that he’ll quietly abandon it.

Would much rather Beaz hammered on getting fibre-optic to the kerb, nationwide, if Labor’s going to have any policies at all surrounding the internet.

Comment by weez 03.25.06 @ 4:27 pm

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