And then the Americans woke up
Wednesday March 29th 2006, 7:35 pm

The tide is turning.

Rhode Islanders - vote Sheeler!

Shrubya’s approval rating has slipped to the 30% neighbourhood.

How low can you go?

Articles of impeachment have been drafted- by a number of folk.

Could the long nightmare soon be over?

Are these the first baby steps to Shrubya, Cheney and Wolfowitz’s new digs in The Hague?


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…can they swing past here and grab HoWARd?

Comment by suki 03.29.06 @ 9:29 pm

Thanks for the post of the billboard. We need the public’s attention to get them engaged in the battle. The War is here as much as it is in Iraq and the casualty is our future.


Comment by Carl Sheeler 03.30.06 @ 5:45 am

Very happy to help, Carl.

I’m a dual American-Australian citizen living in Sydney. My last state of residence in the USA was Indiana, meaning I can vote only in US presidential and Indiana state elections, else I’d happily vote for you.

Good luck in the election.

Comment by weez 03.30.06 @ 7:48 am

Looking at that graph, it is quite apparent that barring the return of Jesus and a public display of support for W, no ‘good news’ is going to provide a spike big enough to secure W a place in debates about ‘who was America’s greatest President?’

Comment by dj 03.30.06 @ 3:11 pm

Did you watch Dateline the other night Weez? It was on Jack Abramoff and the culture of corruption in Washington. Seems like the US is finally waking up. Finally! C’mon all you good Americans, help us believe again…

Comment by Dave 03.31.06 @ 9:17 am

Dave, no, I missed that one, but I am catching up over at their website. Has full video of the program, albeit at a rather jerky dial-up speed (34kbps) play rate.

The Abramoff deal could bring down half of Washington. It’s already (more or less) bagged one of the very worst- Tom Delay.

Comment by weez 03.31.06 @ 12:56 pm

sigh, I’m not so much a pessimist as just tired of being bullshitted to by pollies …Bush out – I’ll believe it when I see it, slipperier than an eel in mud, just like mini-W.

Comment by ab 04.02.06 @ 2:00 am

when i saw the graph i wondered… what does it say about us as a nation (u.s.) that bush’s popularity soared with events like the attack on the world trade center and the pentagon, the iraq war and the capture of saddam…

Comment by rain 04.02.06 @ 2:28 am

ab, the cognitive dissonance factor of the truckloads of political spin has a lot of people (including me) at the point where they just roll their eyes and sally forth.

Hiya rainie, long time no see. Gone are the days when we could turn to our elected leaders for genuine support and protection in times of strife. The public trust is badly and probably permanently broken. The bullshit from folks like Shrubya and Howard, particularly over Iraq, has been laid on far too thick for far too long.

Comment by weez 04.02.06 @ 8:37 am

If only Australians would follow suit and realise that the sun of economic and mortgage-related wonderfulness does not in fact shine out of John Howard’s arse.

Comment by Marcus 04.03.06 @ 8:26 am

If only Australians would follow suit and realise that the sun of economic and mortgage-related wonderfulness does not in fact shine out of John Howard’s arse.

You mean that there is no longer any sun????!!!!

Comment by Jennifer 04.03.06 @ 8:36 pm

Nice picture of the billboard

My friends call me “Chief” my close friends call me “Billy” – either one is fine. I was injured one night at the scene of a house fire and as a result suffered a permanent spinal cord injury.

This is a life-changing event for me, like many Americans we go along with our everyday ordinary lives until that unpredictable day arrives. Rehabilitation on a daily basis is hard work, with hard work comes great results.

I am a volunteer with the Sheeler for US Senate (D-RI) campaign. Carl is a marine veteran of the gulf war who has a strong connection with the average American. His strong stances on alternative energy, cutting middle class taxes while reforming millionaire and big corporate taxes, funding the NO child left behind (NCLB) federal mandates to alleviate the tax burden on property owners and demanding single payer, national healthcare for all Americans are what makes his campaign connect with most Americans regardless of party affiliation.

Carl is a fiscally responsible, progressive Democrat, the real deal, a working Senator, the peoples’ voice – a voice for all Americans. Many call Carl a 70’s style Democrat, referring to his style, likeability and “building bridges, not walls” views. His impeach Bush, anti-war billboards along I-95 in Rhode Island speak for themselves. Go to to look at the billboards and see Carl’s fantastic site.

This is a campaign for the people, kids and for our seniors. I personally experienced a life-changing event, now America is facing a series of life-changing events for all Americans. Carl needs your help, our children need your help, and America needs your help. The Senate race in our State is one of the most closely watched races across the country – it’s a seat that needs a working Senator. America sometimes dreams do come true.

These groups are just a fraction of groups whom have endorsed or will be adding a score card to their sites, Gold Star Families for Peace, Code Pink, Impeach Pac, Grassroots Democrats, Lynn Woolsey for Peace, Progressive Democrats; CLG Citizens for Legitimate Government.

To contribute to Carl Sheeler go to (this site secured by GeoTrust

Remember a US Senator effects all our lives regardless of which state they come from. Thank you in advance for your endorsement, contribution, adding a link or support for our cause. Please share my dream; help with America’s rehabilitation. Share this message with your co-workers, family and friends.

Friend in cause

Comment by William Shaw 05.29.06 @ 3:11 pm

He’s back! First the Be Patriotic Impeach Bush billboard and now netroots icon Ava Lowery (15 y/o) has weighed in with a tv ad for him….

view at his home page.

Comment by Carl Sheeler 07.25.06 @ 6:15 am

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