One for mum, one for dad- and one for the Army
Sunday April 30th 2006, 9:01 pm

Have Babies For Queen And Country - It Is YOUR duty!The Populate Or Perish furphy is back, this time in a full page newpaper ad and a website,

The play2upnow site is published by Gary Johnston, the Managing Director of Jaycar Electronics. Johnston wants Aussie women to push out puppies to replace the 102,000 ANZACs lost in WWI. However, with Australia’s current population of over 20 million, you’d think we’d have done reasonably well in the last 87 years.

No small racist undertone is conveyed by the ‘play2upnow’ website in noting that home-grown, presumably white, Christian progeny are preferable to population growth through migration:

If immigration dominated over domestic population growth in 50 years living memory the national character of the country would change in ways we just cannot imagine.

What’s so unimaginable? Too many brown, non-Christian people migrating to Australia?

To be fair, Johnston disavows any affiliation with right-to-life groups and claims not to think that women seeking pregnancy terminations should be persuaded to give birth for the benefit of the nation.

However, the entire notion of nationalism is getting rather long in the tooth. National borders have been superfluous since the advent of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The democratisation of information and communications via the internet was the final nail in the coffin for nationalism. It’s harder for a government to persuade a population to fear and loathe other groups when those people are easily contactable, as most of us now do several times a day with emails.

Multiculturalism is not just a policy, it’s the way of the world. World migration will continue to increase as the barriers to communication and understanding fall.


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“the national character of the country would change in ways we just cannot imagine”

Next thing you know some Asian will be mayor of Malbourne or something stupid like that. *dooosh* whole place goes straight down the toilet, just like that.

Comment by Fair Enough 05.01.06 @ 1:38 am

Maybe some of the lazier women of childbearing age (under 30 ) can be persuaded to bear the cloned fetal reconstruction of Private Kovco?

Comment by Jennifer 05.01.06 @ 5:31 pm

No human cloning while Howard is in office, Jennifer.

Comment by weez 05.01.06 @ 5:59 pm

How cruel!

Comment by Jennifer 05.01.06 @ 10:32 pm

Some British migrants from my work (recent arrivals) tell me that Australia’s been having an INTENSIVE ad campaign over there over the last 5 or so years telling those brits that we NEED more people from “the old country”.

The thing is, I’m quite certain that Australia need not spend one lonely cent on advertising to meet our immigration quotas… So of course, you can’t help but wonder whether its all racially driven.

Comment by Marcus 05.02.06 @ 7:37 am

Procreate or Perish…

What. The. Fuck?…

Trackback by Five Public Opinions 05.02.06 @ 11:48 am

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