Antonio Maria Costa: ‘High paid UN stooge’ of US drugs policy
Thursday June 29th 2006, 8:42 am

Property Of George W BushRemember Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)? It was almost exactly one year ago today when Costa parroted to the world the US Drug Czar‘s falsehood that ‘cannabis smokers support terrorism.’

Costa’s back again- with his apparently now annual suckup to the Bush Administration. In this year’s model of the zero-tolerance battering ram of lies, Costa said,

Today the harmful characteristics of cannabis are no longer that different from those of other plant-based drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

So, cannabis is as harmful as cocaine and heroin- because they all come from plants? Yeah, ok. I’ll be looking at my dinner salad very differently from now on.

DrugSense FOCUS, a periodic newsletter for drug treatment health professionals, says:

Canadian Senator Larry Campbell wrote, “UNODC Executive Director, Antonio Maria Costa claims that the world is experiencing a devastating “cannabis pandemic.” This gentleman is the same person who said we were putting “cannabis oil” on pasta. It was pointed out that is was hemp oil which is not a sativa product. He didn’t know the difference and appeared not to care. Simply another high paid UN stooge. Isn’t it amazing that the US only supports the UN when they toe the US “drug war” line.”

You can’t bully nor scare your way to victory in a ‘War On Drugs’- nor can you lie your way there. It’s debatable whether a ‘War On Drugs’ can be won at all. Consider that the first time you are caught out lying about the effects of recreational drugs, your audience slams the door in your face.

Given that Costa can’t be bothered with facts, he’s demonstrably not in the least interested in reducing drug use- he only wants to lick clean the path to Shrubya’s front door.


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Actually Costa is not a stooge, he is highly informed about the important issues.

I’d suggest you check your facts, and also your spelling. “URI” should be “URL” I believe…

Comment by notastooge 11.30.06 @ 1:59 am

Costa’s due a doctorate in ass-kissing. A shill’s shill.

You can take your complaint about ‘URL’ (Uniform Resource Locator) vs ‘URI’ (Uniform Resource Identifier), both of which mean precisely the same thing, to the authors of WordPress.

They’ll pay less attention than I have, for sure.

Comment by weezil 12.05.06 @ 1:42 am

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