Schiavo Part Deux
Thursday July 20th 2006, 1:28 pm

King George can’t get enough of mucking about in places he just doesn’t belong.

image: Nate Beeler for The Washington Examiner
Nate Beeler for The Washington Examiner
image: Mike Keefe for the Denver Post
Mike Keefe for the Denver Post

The only upside is that if Shrubya’s stem-cell ban sticks, the research won’t stop- it just won’t be done in the USA. Eventually, quite a number of debilitating diseases will become as distant a memory as polio.

However, you have to admire the selfless ethical commitment of the Christian right to the stem-cell research ban. Let’s see just how committed they are: I want all of Shrubya’s fundamentalist Christian ‘base’ to sign binding agreements pledging never to use any treatments which derive from stem-cell research.

Darwin will sort out anyone who doesn’t think stem-cell research is a good idea.


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Darwin will sort out anyone who doesn’t think stem-cell research is a good idea.
Have they isolated and decoded the gene for that yet?

Comment by Dave 07.21.06 @ 10:24 am

Dave, I initially thought there might be a limited time one might be able to have living subjects to study, but many of the diseases that stem-cell research are thought to have a good chance of curing tend to occur later in life, past the usual age for reproduction. I think the potential for improving the quality of our lengthening lives is probably greater than for weeding out bad genes.

Religion needs to get right the hell out of medical science. Anthrocentrism or any other rejection of the fact that we’re simply one in a number of species of mammals leads to unreasonable and harmful restrictions on medicine.

Shrubya tossed out a ridiculous red-herring in his speech on his stem-cell research veto when referring to the children in the room. “These children are not spare parts!” quoth King George, as if stem-cell researchers wish children to be raised to be donors.

When beliefs replace evidence in decision making, you get bad decisions- and Shrubya’s made yet another.

Comment by weez 07.21.06 @ 11:09 am

I presume that all those leftover stem cells that would otherwise be used for valuable research will now be commandeered by these nutters and turned into… Children! Of course, that’s presuming that Shrubya and these nutters actually know anything about the process of stem cell research, and it’s clear that they don’t. *Sigh* – how much longer?

Comment by Dave 07.21.06 @ 11:45 am

Dave, Bono from U2 once said “The less you know, the more you believe.” Too right. If you can’t fill your brain with replicatable evidence, you’ll fill it with crap. I choose the former, thanks.

Comment by weez 07.27.06 @ 1:08 pm

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