I am a migrant to Australia and I refuse to integrate
Saturday September 16th 2006, 11:02 pm

How to be an Aussie?!I’m within a couple of weeks of having been in Australia 10 years. That’s 22.7% of my life. C’mon, Johnny, ain’t that enough?!

Little Johnny can’t make me like cricket… and the only way he’d get me to watch any on tele is under general anaesthesia.

Mind you, watching cricket completely obviates the need for drugs to accomplish a semi-comatose, catatonic state. Cricket is like baseball on valium.

I rather think of cricket as being the sport of formerly conquered nations… and those who inexplicably yet like to suck up to the Brits.

If Dr Shane bloody Warne is supposed to be my idol, Little Johnny can come get my Aussie passport right this instant.

As usual, the Howard Government is barking up the wrong tree. There’s been a hell of a lot more violence and hate speech against Muslims in Australia than that perpetrated by them.

It’s just not cricket, Johnny.


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Good grief.

An honorary PhD for his services to cricket huh?

That would of course include his sense of humour when the seagull caught him smoking in his Nicabate sponsorship years. The money from the illegal bookmaker for weather and pitch conditions. And then his amazing, almost magical SMS skills…this man not only bowls for his country, he can also txt for it!

When Warne says he is now officially the spin doctor- how right he is.

Comment by suki 09.17.06 @ 8:11 am

Did you know that John Safran was the remote pilot of that smoking seagull? 😀

The nut of this story isn’t actually about cricket; it’s about Howard’s constant, baseless Muslim bashing while claiming ‘Australia is not racist.

There’s neo-nazis across Australia handing out bomb-making literature, shooting Aboriginals and distributing defamatory leaflets which demonise Sudanese migrants and Aboriginals. Howard’s own Young Liberals get caught out about once a week in racist or sexist escapades… but do you see Howard taking them to task?

I call bullshit!

Comment by weez 09.17.06 @ 8:29 am

You know what the problem with Australian Muslims is?

They’re Australian. And everybody knows that Australians don’t like to be told how to act, what to think, and what’s wrong with them – especially in their own country!

No wonder they feel like outsiders. Even their own country won’t stop putting the boot in.

Comment by Flashman 09.17.06 @ 10:32 am

Too right, Flash.

Foisting vilification upon injustice as the Howard Government does will make Islamic terrorism a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mamdouh Habib had the most unfortunate experience of either witnessing a double murder or simply coming upon bodies in the street out Parramatta way a few months back. The police treated Habib as suspect, not witness. They detained Habib for 8 hours and all but destroyed his Toyota van under cover of a search for weapons. Kieran Bennett covered this in detail by way of his brilliant transcription of a talk given by Habib last August.

JFK once said “If peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.” The revolution needed in Australia is to stop vilifying Muslims… before the blowback hits.

Comment by weez 09.17.06 @ 12:55 pm

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