Dem blowout? Nothing to do with us Aussies..!
Friday November 10th 2006, 8:54 am

image: Peter Nicholson for concedes Virginia Senate race to Webb. It’s official- Dems own the US Congress. Now, let’s see if they have the ‘nads to do the job that desperately needs doing.

Sadly, just because the Dems pounded a home-run into the cheap seats with the bases loaded doesn’t mean there were no instances of election irregularities. There was a 13% ‘undervote’ on touch-screen voting machines in evil cow Katherine ‘Hanging Chad’ Harris’ district, meaning that voters who did cast votes in some races did not record a vote in Harris’s failed bid for the US Senate, compared to a 1.8% undervote for paper ballot voters.

On this side of the pond, John Howard deliberately fails to get the message. Howard refuses to believe the illegal Iraq war had anything at all to do with US voters drubbing the GOP. However, Howard is probably right that the removal of Rummy is ‘gesture politics‘ in that the King’s strategies in Iraq will only change superficially… until forced to do otherwise by the Dem Congress. Given that the Short Chap isn’t a US voter and is clearly unfamiliar with the issues, I’d like to suggest that he use his bum more for sitting and less for speaking.

Rusty Bolt has the same problem. Minimise, minimise, minimise. Nope, that flukey, wacky, crazy, off-the-probability-scale Democrat blowout in the US don’t have nothing to do with us over here in far-away Straya.

Yeah. You just keep thinking that, OK?

See you at the 2007 polls.


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Indeed Weez, Howard and his posse seem to be a little shaken after this week – so their first defensive tactic as always is to deny and lie… Rusty Bolt? Is he still talking?

Comment by Dave 11.11.06 @ 10:20 am

One thing that we seem to have pretty right,in Oz, is our Electoral Commission. Its uniform ,independent and pretty transparent. Expertise like this could be traded, under the free trade agreement, for a used tank or two.

Comment by joe2 11.11.06 @ 5:27 pm

I dunno – Beazeley, the vacuous political pragmatist that he his, will probably find a way to bugger up what should be one of Labor’s best shots at a Federal victory in yonks.

In all honesty, I’m not even sure that the sort of Labor government that he’d usher into the benches of government is something I can look forward to. It’d be a massive improvement, no doubt… But I truely miss having the sort of political leadership in Australia that can rouse us to aspire to more, to dream of a better nation, where you can tell that at least there’s some passion at the top about social justice.

Meh, am I getting cynical with age or what?

Comment by Marcus 11.26.06 @ 2:45 pm

Please pardon the interruption of the normal flow of horsepuckey. Rancho Weezil has been plucked from the soil and bunged into the side of a sandstone cliff.

more on that later…

Comment by weez 12.05.06 @ 1:21 am

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