No, look over there! Terrists!
Wednesday February 07th 2007, 7:12 am

no, look over there! Hicks who?


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This poster is available in high print quality PDF format, A4 size, 3.3Mb. Email me for a copy.

Comment by weez 02.07.07 @ 7:33 am

Hah! I love it.

Once again weez, you’ve earned your title as the Photoshop Contra-propagandist of the Year!!!

I’m wondering whether it would look just as effective in B&W – photocopying is much more cost effective when it comes to plastering posters about . 😉

Comment by Marcus 02.07.07 @ 8:27 am

Thanks Marcus. A blog-sized 400px wide greyscale version is here. A larger greyscale GIF is here. The PDF is best for printing but is too large to post. I’m happy to email a copy of the greyscale PDF (~3Mb) to anyone who asks.

Comment by weez 02.07.07 @ 3:06 pm

Weez, that’s just bewdiful.

Comment by tigtog 02.09.07 @ 4:55 pm

[…] Gary Sauer-Thompson fears that history will judge Howard harshly for his dogged adherence to the failed strategy in Iraq, and that goes for Tony Blair as well. Bannerman thinks the rodent ought at least to get his slang right. And as if there weren’t already enough knives in Caesar’s back, our very own Sarah notes the PMs belated realisation that the Exclusive Brethren are not quite as wholesome as he supposed. Et tu, Sarah? Tigtog thinks that this poster by someone called weez sums it all up. […]

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Lookout for an email from moi… Have YOU ordered your “Bring David Hicks Home” weather-proof placard yet???

Comment by Colours 02.13.07 @ 9:42 pm

Yes, I sure have. I’ve ordered 4.

I have some diabolically clever places to put them where they’ll be seen by several thousand ppl per day but will be hard for ordinary mortals to casually remove. I’ll only say it has something to do with bridges and speaker magnets, in fine Freewayblogger fashion.

Comment by weez 02.13.07 @ 9:45 pm

Also, I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed that the “terrorism” ads are running a lot again lately (I saw someone else mention it somewhere, think it was Dom Knight’s blog…?), particularly on SBS (oh my favourite ethnic channel, what have you done, I hardly recognise you these days…).

Think the whole “be alert, not alarmed” scare campaign will work again?

I don’t think so. Just a hunch. Friends I have were “alert” last time… now they’re really blas and feeling sheepish this time ’round.

I take this as a positive omen!!!!

Comment by Colours 02.13.07 @ 9:51 pm

Alrighty… then in a couple of weekends time when I go for my yearly sabbatical to the land that is higher than the sea, I shall see those David Hicks posters. Good… I shall hold you to your word!!!

Comment by Colours 02.13.07 @ 10:03 pm

Soon as they’re delivered, I’ll be bunging them up. Ought to be two in either direction, somewhere along the GWH between Penrith & BH. You’ll see ’em. 😉

I may not waste my precious speaker magnets on them, though… I have a kitchen junk drawer full of Howard’s anti-terrorism fridge magnets which should do the job much more satisfactorily.

Comment by weez 02.14.07 @ 6:11 am

Aha. Just worked out how to make good quality poster sized PDFs at a more reasonable file size with Photoshop. Gotta use ZIP encoding instead of JPG. Here’s a poster-sized greyscale PDF (295Kb), most suitable for monochrome laser printing and photocopying. I think this is A4 sized, but you can tell your printer to scale to your media size.

Comment by weez 02.24.07 @ 7:33 am

[…] Rising Tide initially used edited screengrabs of the mining lobby’s website for their spoof, – straight bit of a culture jam, much as you often see here on mgk. The NSW Minerals Council complained to Rising Tide’s host about ‘copyright violations,’ and their host turned off Rising Tide’s jam site. Rising Tide rebuilt the site using their own artwork and were pulled off by their host yet again on complaints from the mining lobby. Rising Tide lodged a counterclaim; their site is back online pending a result of the ‘investigation.’ […]

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