Toonies just sssssssmokin’
Wednesday February 14th 2007, 4:03 pm

Australia has some of the best editorial toonies on earth.

I was a little worried after the dιnouement of Amanda Vanstone that there would be fewer opportunities for a right proper skewering, but in militarese, Lil Johnny still provides a ‘target-rich environment.’

image: Alan Moir for the Sydney Morning Herald
Alan Moir for the Sydney Morning Herald

Michael Leunig for The Age
Michael Leunig for The Age

Bill Leak for The Australian
Bill Leak for The Australian

Gotta be a Walkley or two here.


MORE: Sean Leahy pins Johnny.

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Howard’s been getting served shit sandwiches for a week and half now – tasty! Keep digging the hole Johnny, 11 years worth has to fit in it!

Comment by Dave 02.14.07 @ 9:19 pm

Brilliant! I’m so glad to have a giggle at Howard’s expense!!!

Comment by Colours 02.14.07 @ 9:50 pm

I haven’t decided whether Leunig sees the Prime Miniature as a snake- or a worm.

I’m also trying to work out why Bill Leak drew Obama with rather pale skin on his hands, but not his face.

Comment by weez 02.14.07 @ 10:17 pm

Hahahah…gosh, yeah, white hands and black face. What’s up with that?! I might email Bill Leak and ask him that. What a goose.

As for Leunig’s toon, my first thought was Howard’s a worm. Which he is.

Comment by Colours 02.14.07 @ 10:31 pm

Well, Leunig does animate the PM as ‘slithering,’ more associated with snakes. Worms tend to wriggle.

C’mon Michael, quit toying with us. Give us some scales or segment lines to work with!

Snake, worm, snake, worm… the controversy continues… πŸ˜€

Comment by weez 02.14.07 @ 10:48 pm

Snake, worm, rat, toad, slug… So many options, all so accurate. πŸ™‚

Comment by Dave 02.15.07 @ 8:15 am

WORM!!! It’s a WORM!!! There are no scales or skin being shed, and the tail tip is shaped like a worm more than a snake!

Controversy to be continued… πŸ˜‰

Comment by Colours 02.15.07 @ 4:16 pm

Not-a-worm! Howard turns productive ground into horse poop.

Comment by theHippy 02.16.07 @ 5:06 pm

Bah! You win with that one, theHippy! I hate you!!


Comment by Colours 02.16.07 @ 10:13 pm

Hey, Hippy… don’t you be talking down horse poo. I pay $1 a bag for the stuff at the gate of the agistment down the road. I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for Johnny.

Hmm… no scales… no segments… Leunig might have drawn Johnny as a common garden slug, leaving a trail of slime and destruction wherever he goes. Which Howard does, you know.

Comment by weez 02.17.07 @ 6:42 am

And, weez, pray do tell what you do with the purchased horse shit?

Comment by Colours 02.17.07 @ 8:28 pm

Put it in the veggie patch to grow stuff to attract garden slugs, what else? πŸ˜€

Comment by weez 02.17.07 @ 10:17 pm

Deputy John, Silvery Trails on the Lone Prairie, it’s just too damn poetic.
Weez, I wuz just holding the mug for yu.

Comment by theHippy 02.17.07 @ 10:49 pm

Weez, happy growing. Don’t forget to share!! heh!

(absolute baseless assumption on my part!)

Comment by Colours 02.19.07 @ 10:29 am

The things growing around here make a faaaabulous red sauce, which I’m indeed happy to share despite it taking 4 days on the stove and tons of work.

And however baseless one’s assumptions may be, it’s really hard to keep a tomato lit. πŸ˜‰

Comment by weez 02.19.07 @ 11:10 am

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