Iemma v. Debnam – the analysis
Saturday February 17th 2007, 11:40 am

whossisname v some comedianCompletely disinteresting other than Iemma’s foolish backing of a desalination plant over stormwater reclamation and water recycling.

Like watching a pair of one-legged men in an asskicking contest. Each might get a boot in before falling flat.

The scripting of the opening and closing comments was painful. This dog-and-pony act had been negotiated to the hilt going in. Even ABC refers to the program on the Stateline website with alarm quotes…

Iemma vs Debnam

Morris Iemma and Peter Debnam in “live” debate.

Depressing that one of these two is going to be NSW Premier for a while.



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Yeah man, the ‘debate’ was so friggin’ boring. I ended up getting a DVD from the video shop down the road. It just went on and on and on and on and on….

And on.

Comment by Colours 02.17.07 @ 8:30 pm

C, unfortunately, going out to hire a DVD makes you one of the winners of this ‘debate,’ along with everyone else who fell into a catatonic attack of narcolepsy on their sofas before they could turn off the tele.

I’m really annoyed that this is an hour of my life wasted that I won’t ever get back. I’m even annoyed that I put more than two sentences in the post on this ‘debate’.

I’ve seen infinitely better contests in high-school oratory competitions. This was two guys reading opening and closing statements from teleprompters then rebutting by simply telling the other guy that he was wrong.

If any personality contest in this matchup has to be graded, Iemma at least demonstrated that he has some glimmer of emotion. Manbed could well have had a couple valiums just before airtime- wooden as a white guy in a discotheque. Iemma ad-libbed only a tiny bit in his closing statement, mainly to say that Manbed was wrong and had failed to make his points. ‘Course, that could have been part of the teleprompter script anyway.

Dear ABC, no reflection on poor Quentin Dempster… silk purse/sow’s ear thing going on here… but please don’t give us any more “live” debates.

Comment by weez 02.18.07 @ 7:00 am

Yawn. Oh dear, I agree Weez, the fact that one of these men will be Premier is depressing. Iemma – the developer’s wet dream vs. Debnam – man in debt to the right wing “uglies” taking over his party. This is indeed a disturbing universe.

Comment by Dave 02.18.07 @ 2:22 pm

Dave, it’s too bad that there’s so many welded-on, above-the-line Liberal and Labor voters. Either Libor or Laboral are sure to win.

It’d be hella interesting if a minor party candidate won.

Comment by weez 02.18.07 @ 2:51 pm

yeah – this is one election that its bloody hard to give a rats arse about.

For myself, a 3rd generation dyed in the wool labor voter and former active member of the party, well this will be my first election where the Greens will get my first preference. NSW Labor politics has basically turned to shit thanks to lifetime factional sycophants and powerbrokers.

Comment by Marcus 02.19.07 @ 9:52 am

Even though I’m an ALP member, I think I’ll be voting for one of the minor parties then give ALP second pref.

I’m really annoyed that ‘my’ party has such a boring, ineffective PUPPET leading the state.

Comment by Colours 02.19.07 @ 10:26 am

Yep, I’ll probably also be voting Green and preferencing Labor… but I was NOT happy with how the Greens allocated their prefs last time out. Lost us the Senate.

Comment by weez 02.19.07 @ 11:19 am

Colours: I do believe that your intentions are in violation of party rules!!!

Comment by Marcus 02.19.07 @ 2:31 pm

Marcus, they are, so I’ll argue it’s a ‘conscience vote’!!!

Weez, like you, I wasn’t happy with the Greens’ pref allocations last time. So… back to the Democrats? Naaahh… hasbeens.

God, what a lack of choices in this country!

Comment by Colours 02.19.07 @ 3:27 pm

While we’re on conscience and Iemma… how bout this one…?

RTA to remove pensioner concessions on auto registration?

He better friggin’ NOT. How could Yemma sleep at night?

Iemma has sooooo much bad policy going on that it’s very tempting to vote for Manbed… but what goes along with Manbed is INFINITELY worse than what we have with Iemma’s Sartor, Costa, etc. It’s definitely time for this gang of morons to be kicked out of NSW gov’t, but if our alternative is Manbed… they’ll be in for just a bit longer.

Comment by weez 02.20.07 @ 6:02 am

This is where it would be fantastic if everyone who doesn’t want Iemma or Manbed in the State Parliament would just vote for one of the smaller parties (preferably the Greens if I had my way!).

Losing a dramatic amount of votes for *both* the major parties should (emphasis on should) give them a wake-up call.

Comment by Colours 02.20.07 @ 11:11 am

I’m not overfond of some Greens policy, which often does overlook the fact at the end of the day, that there has to be business for there to be environmental care. The Dems’ policies usually cover the social justice aspects as well as some sorts of reasonable compromise between business and environmental concerns.

The problem is that in many cases, there’s no Democrats candidate running to vote for!

Comment by weez 02.20.07 @ 12:14 pm

Exactly. The Democrats are finished, and it’s all bloody Meg Lees fault! She couldn’t check her ego with regards to the GST ‘deal’. The final nail in the coffin was when they dumped Natasha as leader. I think after that debacle, voters just went, “nup”.

I wish there was a HEMP party candidate in my area. That sure would give the silvertails something to turn their noses up at! haha

Comment by Colours 02.20.07 @ 1:42 pm

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