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Friday June 17th 2005, 8:20 pm


mgk:Machine Gun Keyboard is so named because a journalism prof I once had lefthandedly praised my newswriting by saying that “…if the pen is mightier than the sword, your keyboard is like a machine gun.” Of course, Jim then went on to tell me I was too wordy and used alliterations a bit more than he liked, but I keep his praises quietly in my ‘vest pocket’ whenever I write. Thanks, Dr. Jim.

I’m still gunning, 25 years on.

The official ‘first post’ for mgk is coming soon. Bear with me- I’m only now learning WordPress.

Thanks for following me over from “S’truth? STREWTH! – dangerous ideas from a working brain.” SS-DIFAWB will remain online as an archive, as long as Blogger doesn’t mind it being there.

Time to lock & load.


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Machine Gun Keyboard

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We bring you
Machine Gun Keyboard!

The new blog authored by Weezil. Our good mate.
Still going to go through theme tweaks. We’ve just installed it. Just gone live.
Please visit weez’s new home. I think you’ll enjoy!
As Always…

Trackback by 12thharmonic Blog 06.18.05 @ 12:06 am

Great looking site, Weez. I’ll be ducked behind this Boulder while you fire through the first couple clips….

Comment by Michael Hawkins 06.19.05 @ 8:02 am

Cracking name comrade. Bring on the Stoush™!

Comment by liam hogan 06.20.05 @ 1:04 pm

Michael, thanks! Jon Fox of 12th Harmonic is responsible for the whole shebang, save the red logo.

The ‘mgk’ was done in Photoshop 7- it’s the old standard ‘Impact’ font, free transformed to ~50% height and ~250% width and the kerning pulled in tight.

Liam, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to apply the mg/k citation for years.

Unfortunately, Liam, I’m not going to be able to stalk The Stoush™ as thoroughly as you have; I’ve just taken on something of a daunting PR gig. More on that later.

Matter of fact, if I do it right, it won’t be obvious I’ve actually done anything… so maybe not more on that later…



Comment by weezil 06.21.05 @ 2:28 am

Hi Weez, what a spiffy new blog!

Comment by Zoe 06.22.05 @ 2:04 pm

Thanks, Zoe! If you want one like this, ask Jon.

Suggest you call it something different, tho. đŸ˜‰



Comment by weezil 06.22.05 @ 11:36 pm

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