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Sunday April 01st 2007, 1:46 am

image: Bill Leak for The Australian

Hicks gets nine-month sentence

A US military tribunal has sentenced confessed terrorism supporter David Hicks to seven years in jail but he will only have to serve nine months.

The tribunal judge accepted Hicks’s guilty plea as part of an agreement that limited his sentence to seven years in prison, in addition to the five years he has been held at the US base at Guantanamo Bay.

The deal allowed all but nine months of the sentence to be be suspended.

So, that means Hicks is released from an Australian prison on or about 31 December, 2007… about a month later than the 2007 federal election could possibly be. Well planned, Johnny! At least you didn’t give away the date of the election directly. 😆

Johnny reckons this kangaroo court proved Hicks is a terrorist.

Wrong. This court accepted evidence obtained by torture. Hicks could as easily have been proved to be a glazed doughnut under such standards.

The Prime Miniature is further guessing that this ‘conviction’ gets Hicks off the election issue map.

Wronger. OH so wronger. If anything, that the US jumped when Johnny started getting election jitters over Hicks, it locked in Hicks as an election issue.

Johnny also says David Hicks is ‘the worst of the worst’ sort of terrorist… If Mr Worst-o’-the-Worst Hicks deserves only 5 years and 9 months… what would Johnny sentence lightweights like OBL & GWB to? Both have cells with their names on them in The Hague.

Wrongest, Johnny. And you’re complicit.

After 5 years without charge or trial, when all the while, a simple nod and a wink from Johnny or Downer would have set him free, I hope Hicks has the nous to sue the pants off the Australian government for breach of responsibility in consular representation to a citizen unlawfully detained overseas.

A couple of people I know have set up– a single issue political campaign group focused on nothing but booting John Winston Howard out of the Bennelong seat he’s held since 1974.

A swing of roughly 3000 votes is all it will take to oust John Howard from his federal seat of Bennelong. Just because he is the PM, it doesnt mean he has to be our MP. In 2007, lets vote to remove the worm from our Granny Smiths once and for all!

Go baby go.


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I wonder when our great leaders will realize that the Interwires are coming of age – Getup, 3000votes, etc.

Bush, Blair and puppy John where all brought unstuck because the mainstream media failed to keep the Facts off the front page. Without the WWW, David Hicks would eventually die an old man in Leavenworth. We would not know his name, nor the names of a million Iraqis murdered for their oil.

We gotta Guard Internet Freedoms with our lives, people. Yu gotta work for Peace, love and freedom.

Onya weez.

Comment by theHippy 04.02.07 @ 8:21 pm

I am gobsmacked by a newspaper report tis morning which quotes some loony saying “we hope hicks will tell us about Al Kwyda”.
They have had him for 5 years and they want us to think they have not yet emphatically and robustly asked him the most pertinent questions.

shit they think we are all stupid.

Comment by GoAwayBrownie 04.03.07 @ 9:26 am

Thanks, Hippie. Sometimes you gotta disturb the peace to preserve it.

Brownie, they don’t think we’re stupid, but political power gets exercised in a way that is hard to counter unless you can put full-time effort into it. GetUp have found a ‘market niche’ in application of political pressure which Average Joe and Ordinary Jane would like to put to government, but don’t have time in their real lives to do so.

Now that it takes at least two incomes to support homeownership and due to WorkChoices, no protections from unfair dismissal, as well as runaround reforms to unemployment benefits and sole parent payments- all thanks solely to Johnny & Co- people are so busy keeping a roof over their heads that they haven’t got any time nor energy left for such protests. HECS was also a brilliant scheme for getting uni students off the barricades and into the night-fill at Woolies, but Keating owns that one…

Comment by weez 04.03.07 @ 5:12 pm

Comment by Fringe 04.08.07 @ 1:12 pm

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