Parrot not roasted over Cronulla riot incitement- only slightly warmed
Wednesday April 11th 2007, 8:23 am

but any publicity is good Parrot publiscity, isn't it?

Mine was one of numerous complaints to ABA (now ACMA) about The Parrot’s falsely driven incitements of Anglo-Aussies to riot in Cronulla in December, 2005.

Thus quoth The Parrot:

I’m the person that’s led this charge here. Nobody wanted to know about North Cronulla, now it’s gathered to this.”

Yeah, but mainly with your help, Jonesy.

ABC Radio’s The World Todaypodcast with Jones clips, MP3.

ACMA, which fearfully treads around Jones, has somewhat astonishingly found that Jones did in fact incite and invite bogans to raise hell in Cronulla.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that the licensee of commercial radio service 2GB Sydney, Harbour Radio Pty Ltd, breached the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice 2004 (the code) by broadcasting material that was likely to encourage violence or brutality.

ACMA has also found that the licensee breached the code by broadcasting material that was likely to vilify people of Lebanese background and of Middle-Eastern background on the basis of their ethnicity. While ACMA has found that the material was presented for a purpose in the public interest, being discussion of factors contributing to unrest in the Cronulla area of southern Sydney in December 2005, ACMA was not persuaded that the relevant comments were presented reasonably and in good faith.

This is 2GB’s third licence violation with a basis in the vilification provision of the broadcasters’ code in the last 6 months, but 2GB and Jones are still on the air. The ‘sentence’ for this infraction is sure to be weak as fish piss, just like every other ACMA judgment against Jones/2GB.

2GB may have a licence condition added requiring them to use a time-delay so that Jones’ most offensive garbage doesn’t go to air. But be a 2GB employee for a moment; remember that Jones is a part owner of 2GB. How long would your job last if you were the board operator who hit the ‘dump’ button on The Parrot? Probably less time than it took to hit the button.

The radio and TV airwaves are the property of the people of Australia. Licences are granted on the proviso that the airwaves are used to benefit the people. I fail to see how Alan Jones’ abuse of Australian radio spectrum benefits anyone but Alan Jones.


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Weez, I am hoping this is a ‘slow burn’ and meeedja gets a bit more interested in Al’s incitement, when the ‘sentence’ comes down. So far, it is not looking good.

It does not seem to matter what this bloke does. Has he so much dirt on people of influence that he escapes all scrutiny?

No need to answer but I am always surprised by this creeps power because he just has never caught on beyond the NSW border.

Comment by joe2 04.11.07 @ 6:45 pm

joe, I think you’re right- ACMA is looking for a community response before meting out penalties. I do think that public outrage will give ACMA a bit of courage to do what needs to be done.

ACMA are in dire need of establishing that they are a neutral, effective and reasonable regulator- something they were completely incapable of with David *mwah* Flint in charge.

If ACMA were remotely serious, they’d be levying a few million in fines for each of the recent vilification incidents, some level of financial damage that makes it unprofitable for 2GB to be racist rabble-rousers for hire.

Comment by weez 04.11.07 @ 7:10 pm

“I think youre right- ACMA is looking for a community response before meting out penalties”

Weez, “community response” is only likely when the subject is fairly and properly reported. So far, I have seen absolutely no sign of it… even on the ABC, that might be scared of offending a prospective new board member.

Comment by joe2 04.11.07 @ 7:48 pm

Dabbling my invective-clotted spittle from her sunnies, my old mum sez “We know he’s an (asshole), but we like him because he says what everyone is thinking!”

AJ should start a line of retirement villas – Ma’s earned one.

Comment by theHippy 04.11.07 @ 10:40 pm

We know hes an (asshole), but we like him because he says what everyone is thinking!

No matter how wrong they are, people like being told they’re right.

Comment by weez 04.12.07 @ 12:26 am

only likely when the subject is fairly and properly reported

Fair enough. I’m still waiting to find out what terms ACMA is going to put on 2GB- and if they have the ability to enforce. Jonesy & Singo are scoffing at ACMA at approximately 4 scoffs/minute. The comments 2GB employees have put on the 2GB webpage, dressed up as actual user comments, are hilarious. A fake commenter chimes in with support for the Parrot…

Obviously you will be able to challenge any penalty imposed by the ACMA. Who are the ACMA? Of course these charges are ridiculous.


Michael Heffernan, Sydney

and the very same words later come out of Singo’s mouth on ABC Radio PM:

JOHN SINGLETON: We’re trying to pillory him for a sentence here and a sentence there, taken out of context, and judged by ACMA. Who is ACMA?

If ACMA can’t enforce pulling Jonesy’s head in… sounds like putting some teeth in it would be an election issue.

You listening, Mr Rudd?

Comment by weez 04.12.07 @ 12:42 am

American shock-jock Don Imus has himself in similar depths of hot water after calling black women basketball players from Rutgers University “nappy-headed hos.” Sponsors are running for the exits at top whack. Should ACMA fail to take appropriate enforcement action against The Parrot, I can certainly see letter-writing campaigns to 2GB sponsors- who rightfully really ought to have been getting volumes of complaints about Jonesy long ago.

Comment by weez 04.12.07 @ 7:30 am

Rudd feeds a parrot some crumbs…

Comment by suki 04.12.07 @ 8:11 am

Rudd still willing to appear on Jones’ show

OPPOSITION Leader Kevin Rudd will continue to appear on air with Sydney radio identity Alan Jones, despite the embattled broadcaster being found guilty of inciting violence and vilification.


“In terms of the future appearances (on) Alan Jones’ program, there’s nothing I’ve read at this stage that would cause me not to go on,” he told ABC radio in Melbourne.

ohhhhhhhhh Kevvo- you need to read more… and stop thinking that Jones’ listenership are actually worth courting.

Comment by weez 04.12.07 @ 8:16 am

Afaik, the ACMA has very limited powers to regulate the industry, a product of legislative changes made under Labor in the early ’90s. It can admonish, certainly — ‘Bad Parrot!’ — but financial penalties can only be imposed on licensees, in this case Harbour Radio Pty Ltd. And any attempt to do that would certainly be met with legal challenges of one sort or another, as Singo has made clear. (Btw, Singo’s attempt to justify the Parrot’s bigotry in his i/view with Alberici is priceless.) Further, given HoWARd’s support for his feathered and hugely talented friend, the ACMA will simply not receive the political (and financial) support needed in order to pursue such a course of action.

Essentially, the Parrot is above the law, and can say what he wishes.

Rudd’s reaction appears to suggest that he’s simply seeing which way the wind will blow: there’s little to be gained, this far away from an election, by ruffling the Parrot’s feathers unnecessarily. If he gave a damn, he might instead call for the release of the Hazzard report

Comment by @ndy 04.12.07 @ 9:39 am

I think it’s time to start an advertiser boycott campaign:

– Compile a list of all 2GB advertisers and their contact emails, phone numbers and postal addresses.

– Write a petition which consists of a threat to boycott all 2GB advertisers so long as Alan Jones remains on air. Put the list of advertisers and their contact details at the end.

– Circulate the petition by email to everyone in your address book, encouraging them to copy and paste the petition and send it to all 2GB advertisers. I’m sure there are thousands of very angry people out there willing to do this.

– Watch the shit come down hard.

As far as I’m concerned this is completely legal and in keeping with democratic principles. I’m sure advertisers would argue that they’re not giving any endorsement to Jones and the other shit-spewers on 2GB. But they’re giving the station money. In other words, active financial assistance.

Comment by Anon 04.13.07 @ 5:44 pm

I think its time to start an advertiser boycott campaign

Long, lonnnnnnnng past due time, thanks.

As far as Im concerned this is completely legal and in keeping with democratic principles.

Of course it’s completely legal and in keeping with democratic principles- but absolutely mind-bogglingly, Petey The C doesn’t think so. As if one should be legally required to support garbage products and garbage corporate behaviours- like those exhibited by Jones sponsors.

Look for a list of Jones/2GB sponsors to appear here in coming days. Until now, I’ve been waiting for the licence conditions ACMA are going to place on 2GB before launching into a full-scale boycott campaign. If what ACMA do actually demonstrates some cojones, I don’t think I’d work too hard on it… but if the ACMA penalties are lightweight nonsense, all bets are off.

Comment by weez 04.13.07 @ 6:22 pm

CBS Radio in the USA has sacked Don Imus for his latest piece of racist shit. WaPo’s Eugene Robinson tells how the stars aligned to knock Imus off his perch.

Imus had millions and millions of listeners- Jonesy has a few thousand. It theoretically should not take nearly as much protest in sheer numbers to boot Jones, but the funny thing is that it’ll probably take much more.

Comment by weez 04.14.07 @ 5:57 am

“Imus had millions and millions of listeners- Jonesy has a few thousand.”

True weez. It is ‘niche’ radio. He has very good sales within a certain, presumably wealthy, group. Jones is a failure beyond the Sydney area with attempts to enter other markets pretty much laughed off.

Maybe, he is ‘The Brethren’ shock jock of choice. They seem to have a lot of sway in business and politics and no one ever wants to offend them either, despite their attitude. Te he…

Just trying to think a bit laterally here, because Jones influence is somehow most strange. There has to be some reason how he could get such big dollars from large companies for ‘cash for comment’. The ceo’s must have known the risk of such dealing.

I look forward to seeing a list of his sponsors, if you are able. Interesting to see whether they are the same bunch of bananas.

Comment by joe2 04.14.07 @ 1:42 pm

Working on that list now, joe.

Indeed, Jones punches WAAAY above his actual demographic weight. ‘Course, demographics in a country of 20 million, spread out over a few major cities and miles of god’s country in between makes for a very strange radio market.

Media consolidation and dissolution of adequate media cross-ownership protections make it even worse.

The commonly uttered ‘Jones says what people are thinking’ excuse is incomplete- it should be ‘Jones says the things underinformed rednecks are thinking.’ Jones’ statement to the effect that he ‘did not see Anglos raping women in Western Sydney’ is the living end. One call to Don Weatherburn over at the Australian Bureau of Statistics would put the lie to that.

Comment by weez 04.14.07 @ 3:38 pm

I found this on their website yesterday & last night they erased it coz they know advertisers might be pressured by the public and do a Don Imus on them. Luckily I copied info and here it is.

Hope the parrot gets knocked off his perch.

Addbuild Additions: 02) 9764 6200
Blue Haven Goes Green: 132025
Dedes Restaurant :97125503
Doors Plus : 133880
Dyldam: (02) 9687 6622
Flying Fish 95186777
Health & Image, MBT Centre: 02) 9810 7500 or (02) 9262 6899
Heart Check Medical Clinic:1800 061 031
L.J. Hooker:
Nature Bee :1800 147 009
Nick’s Seafood Restaurant (02) 9264 1212
Nimbo Fork Luxury Fly Fishing Lodge : (02) 6944 9099
Officespace Australia Wide :1300 785 572
P&O Cruises :13 24 69
Park Trent Properties Group 13 46 83 78 (13INVEST)
Parklea Markets 02 9629 3311
Premier Cabs Pty Limited: 13 10 17
Sam the Paving Man : 9642 5666:
Switzer Financial Services :1300 s-w-i-t-z-e-r (1300 794 893)
The Eye Institute :1800 45 88 88
Woolooware Shores Lifestyle Village : (02) 9421 5333

Comment by Barnes 04.14.07 @ 4:16 pm

Barnes, you bewdy. 🙂

Comment by weez 04.14.07 @ 4:26 pm

Barnes wrote:

I found this on their website yesterday & last night they erased it […]

They sure as hell did, too!

Comment by weez 04.15.07 @ 7:26 am

So the banking industry seems to have learnt the lesson of Cash For Comment, looking at Barnes good work. To go for a boycott, Weez, as that ‘Anon’ suggested, you would surely need to go for company sponsors that ‘appear’ national.

Suspect that Singo and the team have chosen to deal with the ‘tip’, rather than the connected ‘icebergs’. Just thinking out loud about company connections here…

Bilegrip has lots of good reading on this topic including a link to one of Al’s most compromised pals, Prof Flint. See..

Comment by joe2 04.15.07 @ 2:29 pm

Hey, look, there’s an “Alan Jones recommends…” 2GB Book Club:

The publishers could be included in a boycott but contacting the authors and asking them if they’d like to pull their books would be very effective publicity-wise, giving it a positive spin. I’m pretty sure William McInnes is a bit of a lefty.

Comment by Cloudy 04.16.07 @ 7:36 pm

A book club?!

Could Jonesy be reavealing his secret desire to be Oprah Winfrey? 😆

Comment by weez 04.17.07 @ 11:36 am

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