WorkChoices ‘myths’ busted…?
Tuesday August 07th 2007, 9:41 am

EMERGENCY! Investigate all the actors!

The HoWARd government has pulled the above “ WC ” mythbusting promotion from TV and print advertising after reports that Damian Richardson, the actor pictured on the far left, has a painting company that is alleged to have underpaid young staffers like Erin Gerbert, the fellow at right in the blue T-shirt.

The solution to this little embarrassment? Investigate the bad laws and change them?

Um, no.

   WorkChoices     minister Joe ‘Shrek’ Hockeypuck has ordered a full, emergency investigation… of all the actors in the government’s party-political yet taxpayer-funded butt-saving ads!

That’ll fix it all right up!

After all, it doesn’t matter what you do- what matters is what you appear to be doing.


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And while we’re going down the road of govt funded party-political advertising, have a look at, obviously a government funded website, containing a flurry of party-political media releases with titles like “Me too, Kevin!” and “Another Stunt from John Della Bosca”.

SerfChoices and the repackaging/debadging/rescue exercise are reported to have cost a sum of $80mil… but when abuses of all government facilities intended to drive the Liberal Party’s agenda are accounted for, the total tab to taxpayers ought to be much, much higher.

How many doctors, hospitals, long-term community development workers and police could you put in remote Aboriginal communities for $80mil? More than one or two, I reckon…

Comment by weez 08.07.07 @ 10:53 am

The irony is paaaaaaaalpable…

WorkChoices actor accused of ripping off son

Comment by weez 08.08.07 @ 11:05 pm

my favourite part of that palpable irony is that the SON of Damian Richardson reveals that he abandoned the 16-year-old mother and took no part in the raising of the boy …
proving himself to be the very ‘shirker-of-responsibility’ the ads were supposed to deny the existence of.

He took the bonus employers get from Centrelink for hiring an apprentice, and then sacked the apprentice.

Comment by Ann O'Dyne 08.10.07 @ 10:57 pm

Don’t miss Surfdom’s take…. little Johnny is much scarier than Little Johnny…

Comment by weez 08.12.07 @ 2:12 pm

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