Thrusting with findings
Friday July 15th 2005, 11:46 am


John HoWARd mouthed the words of an apology to Cornelia Rau and Vivian Alvarez yesterday, as the Palmer Report into DIMIA stuffups was released. (Listen: ABC Radio News report – 1Mb, MP3 format) See also David Marr’s concise analysis of the report.

The facts of the matters have been known for some months- why didn’t HoWARd offer an apology then? Clearly, the government was given legal advice that the unlawful incarcerations and deportation of an Australian citizen were indefensible, even given the ability of this government to sweep their poo under the carpet. The problem is that concealed poo remains squishy and stinky, despite the reduced visibility.

HoWARd says he "…accepts the thrust…" of the Palmer Report’s findings. Translated into realityspeak, that means he’ll do what he sees fit, though he may not implement all of the report’s recommendations. This government does not do what is right- it does what it is legally expedient (or ultimately legally obligated) to do.

The HoWARd “apology” is the least of the matter, though given the paucity of HoWARd’s remorse for just about anything, it’s newsworthy!

Chris Rau has it nailed in one when she says that reform is the key goal, not necessarily beheadings. However, all faith is lost in the HoWARd government’s ability to implement the cultural change required for true reform in DIMIA when there is no responsibility assigned to any person for the cockups AND the principals are not only not sacked… but PROMOTED!

The government’s intentions and capability to implement change in DIMIA is easily read in the settlement offer made to Vivian Alvarez– 6 months free rent and a $500 phone card. Well, that’ll fix things RIGHT up, won’t it?

Imagine for a moment what would happen to your own life if you were incarcerated for 10 months or worse, deported from Australia and abandoned for several years on a foreign shore. Reckon a few rent vouchers and a phone card would compensate your damages? You wouldn’t have had much of a life to lose if it did!

S’CRAP! HoWARd mouths an apology and does sweet FA to redress the core problems. That’s his idea of "…accepting the thrust…” of the Palmer report… Frankly, the only thrust acceptance that’s going on is giving Australia a royal pain in the arse!

Vanstone MUST go! There MUST be a Royal Commission enquiry into DIMIA and those responsible for major stuffups should get the boot- even if that includes JWH!

I wanna know who it was in DIMIA that dreamed up the ’sex slave’ tale about Alvarez. I want to know the name of the psychologist in Brisbane who deemed Rau’s behaviours as “normal!” Who ARE these people and who told them to treat people like dogs first and as true-blue citizens second?

DIMIA must be apolitical and transparent from beginning to end- nothing else will do.


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I think we need to go back to basics here.

The core of the problem is that the Immigration Act implements a regime of unchecked executive power and, effectively, suspends Habeas Corpus. Until the Act is changed so that, in order to detain, DIMIA needs to make the case before a judge that the person is in the country “illegally” then any changes in DIMIA culture will be temporary.

Comment by Peter F Bradshaw 07.15.05 @ 3:23 pm

Thanks weez….with that image in my head I’m stuck between hysterics, and physical illness…..
“Think of England”….HaHahHaHa!!!!!

hoWARd’s a coWARd!

Comment by foxman 07.16.05 @ 10:23 am

John Hunt is coward, too. 😀

Peter, have a look at Mike Seccomb’s analysis.

Comment by weezil 07.16.05 @ 2:57 pm

Like your new home, Weez, have linked. I’m bloody amazed that Vanstone has escaped this alive. Ministerial Responsibility? I guess not, eh.

Comment by Le Driver 07.17.05 @ 3:17 pm

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