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Tuesday October 16th 2007, 3:41 pm

In what could be the dumbest bit of the 2007 campaign to date, the party which are probably (and seemingly unfortunately) going to get my vote are acting like teenage haXX0R m0r0nz.

Da Gr33nz are running a ‘LOLpolz competition,’ where one applies a caption worded somewhere between haXX0R, 3-year-old-cutesy and Ebonics to a pic of a politician, supposedly to debase and unpopularise said pols.

No, Greens- it’s not funny, nor a vote getter. It’s lame. It’s somewhat less annoying with the cute kittens, but I’m not considering voting a cute kitten into Parliament.

More policy statements, more invoking the need for political change… and less dorking around, please, Greens.

The email just received from The Greens is much more informative:

Services Not Tax Cuts

The Greens oppose Costello’s election tax cuts. The $34 billion should go to schools, hospitals, water, tackling climate change and the poor.

The tax cuts are an irresponsible election bribe and fail Australia. The total cost of tax cuts announced in the last three years is now $100 billion.

Once again the rich get the biggest gains. The big end of town, those on $200,000 per annum will get $128 per week while battling households on $70,000 per annum will get just $20 per week.

The Australian Council of Social Services are also opposed to the tax cuts.

The ACTU has said the money won’t compensate workers for the impact of Howard’s workplace laws.

We should be using the surplus to invest in Australian infrastructure and services to safeguard against future problems.

Greens Leader Bob Brown called on Kevin Rudd to “resist the urge to get into a tax cutting auction with the Coalition.”

To read Bob Brown’s statement on the tax cuts.

Yes indeed… spread the largesse from overtaxation to people who really need it, instead of giving the millionaires a burger and a shake.


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Someone writing the copy for the Greens otta get another coffee…

The $34 billion should go to schools, hospitals, water, tackling climate change and the poor.

The poor have it hard enough without being tackled. 😆

Comment by weez 10.16.07 @ 7:15 pm

Teh gr33ns az teh scr|pt kiddiez…oh wells :/

Comment by Dan 10.16.07 @ 8:37 pm

Come off it weez. Wow, a few bored campaign workers put some silly captions on some photos, it’s a f-cking blog.

Comment by Kieran 10.16.07 @ 10:35 pm

As my previous post got pwned, let me repost in a manner that (hopefully) wont be censored.

“supposedly to debase and unpopularise said pols…”

I’ve never heard such a claim made before. It’s silly fun, nothing more, nothing less.

“No, Greens- its not funny…”

Some people find it funny, some don’t. See my final comment for more on this.

“nor a vote getter. Its lame. Its somewhat less annoying with the cute kittens, but Im not considering voting a cute kitten into Parliament.”

I would be very suurprised if anyone thought such silliness would garner votes. Rather, I think it’s a moment’s break away where readers of the blog – and it is a blog – can simply turn off the brain for a moment.

But enough of all this. weez, you have final say in whether you read it or not – if you don’t like it, don’t click the link. Responsibility for your actions rest with you; use the internet wisely, my friend, and steer clear of any humor you aren’t interested in.


Comment by Gary Franceschini 10.17.07 @ 2:18 am

Gary, I didn’t bin your comment. Your email address ‘junkster@(some commercial website)’ was (unsurprisingly) classified as spam by Akismet. I don’t have any control over what Akismet classifies as spam… but I DID rescue your last comment from the spam deletion queue, which normally has about 50 or more spams in it each morning- and are usually deleted with one click, without me normally perusing every spam in the queue. All first comments from a particular user get put in a moderation queue regardless.

The first one you claim to have made is apparently in the bit bucket, thanks to Akismet. I never saw what you said.

If I had binned your comment, it wouldn’t be censorship, as you have claimed. Censorship is something a government does when it restricts commentary in public spaces. I’m not a government and mgk is not a public venue.

When I select comments to publish (or not), it’s called editorial control- and when I’m paying to keep mgk on the air, I’m fully entitled. If you came into my loungeroom and proceeded to insult me, would you insist you had a right to be there to do so? If you think you have any rights to be published in private venues, think again. If the SMH (another private venue) were legally required to publish all comments submitted to them, the op-ed section alone would be delivered with a forklift.

The Greens’ ‘LOLpols’ stunt remains puerile and stupid. Kieran, the fact that it’s been published in a blog format doesn’t diminish (nor excuse) its stupidity.

Comment by weez 10.17.07 @ 7:53 am

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