It’s a wonderful life… in NSW Labor’s Potterville
Friday November 02nd 2007, 9:26 am

but will the trains run on time?

An unknown Aussie George Bailey must have lost the will to live at some point in recent history…

Keep M4 toll and scrap cashback: Scully

Scant detail on Betfair meetings

Iemma sneaks pokies into shopping malls

Private ferries, metro rail on the way

Ferry privatisation would favour Labor’s donors: Greens

If I’d wanted Potter policy in NSW, I’d have voted Liberal. Barry O’Farrell must sleep well knowing his party doesn’t actually have to be in power for the NSW government to float (and enact) far right-wing policy.

How do you get a recall election rolling around here?


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I think they tried getting a recount rolling in Florida, it didn’t pan out too well.

Comment by krypto 11.06.07 @ 12:23 am

Given the extraordinarily limited guaranteed civil rights and liberties in Australia, I suspect the chances for something so democratic as a recall election would be more remote yet in this neck of the weeds. I’m researching the topic now, will post what I find.

You can’t score unless you have the ball– and in the high likelihood that KRudd &c will soon have the ball, they really need to be pressed to structure in some true civil rights protections.

A constitutionally-based bill of rights, as opposed to a statutory bill of rights, based in standard legislative actions (which can be overturned on a Parliamentary whim of the moment), should be strongly advocated should KRudd win govt, despite the rather right-wing bent of the ALP at present.

Let’s hope Peter Garrett wasn’t joking.

Comment by weez 11.06.07 @ 8:51 am

[…] I’m generally annoyed with the NSW Labor right faction, resurgent shadowy accusations of my local MP, Phil Koperberg of being a violent man are way over […]

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