The fine print
Friday November 23rd 2007, 9:02 am

In case you missed it, there’s some verrrry small lettering on the bottom of the racist smear leaflet distributed by the husbands of ‘Jihad’ Jackie Kelly and Karen ‘Dodgy’ Chijoff…

look closer.

Howard got the red-handed plebs to quit but didn’t sack the candidate, who almost certainly had full knowledge of the smear before it was distributed- and would have been the smear’s primary beneficiary, aside from HoWARd himself.

“We, I hope, live in a society where we treat husbands and wives – although we respect the closeness of their relationship – we treat them as individuals and we shouldn’t automatically transfer blame for the deeds of one onto the other,” [HoWARd] said.

We can quite reasonably automatically transfer blame for campaign dirty tricks when the husbands are Liberal Party ‘power brokers’ who are intimately involved in supporting the campaign which will benefit from the scams.

If you can vote Liberal in any electorate, not just Lindsay, knowing John HoWARd thinks the Chijoffs’ behaviour is fitting for a Liberal candidate and her supporters, then you will be getting the self-perpetuating, politically opportunist liars and racist scumbags you deserve.


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David Marr, as usual, is searingly blunt. He also highlighted the absence of either of the two leaders focusing on any other constituents outside of working families- which presumably excludes migrants.

Comment by suki 11.24.07 @ 6:16 am

Suki, one or two migrants are known to work strangely enough.

…but considering the 10% swing to Labor in Lindsay, the smear leaflet didn’t seem to work…

Via contacts at FDB, it seems that election eve was not the only time these flyers were distributed. Nazis known to FDB have observed that they had received copies as far back as last October. The leafleting by Chijoff & Clark had been going on for weeks.

Comment by weez 11.29.07 @ 5:29 am

Of course they knew. Good call, mgk!

The upside is that apparently these ‘chaser-style hi jinx’ in Lindsay had an impact in Bennelong.

Finally a dirty trick that backfired .. i thought the electorate was finally waking up when there was general outrage over Haneef’s sim card.

cheers, michael

Comment by michael chalk 12.15.07 @ 11:17 am

I agree that we were all very seriously over it by the time Howard & Andrews fucked Haneef over.

Jackie Kelly’s lame squirm that her smear stunt was a ‘Chaser style prank’ was pure horseshit. Kelly should be facing some jail time, along with the other conspirators.

Now comes the job of unscrambling Howard’s rotten eggs. There’s still 107 union workers in Perth facing massive fines over WorkChoices based charges and the Building and Construction Commission to dismantle.

Comment by weez 12.15.07 @ 3:48 pm

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