That’s ANOTHER fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Morrie
Friday February 29th 2008, 12:34 pm

That's ANOTHER fine mess you've gotten us in, Morrie

The comedy of errors that is the state of healthcare, public transport and plain ol’ probity under the right-wing faction in control of the NSW ALP just never stops delivering belly laffs.

Now we find about 800 women who have been molested and/or mutilated by an incompetent surgeon who was permitted by NSW Health to continue treating patients, despite being restricted from practising due to proven claims of horrific malpractise. Hee hee, how hylarious.

And Michael Costa still wants to buy clean coal technology, despite the furphy it is, by privatising NSW’s power generation stations… and will bypass Parliament to do it. Bwaaahahahahah. Ha.

Every comedy has elements of tragedy; in this case, the tragedy is that real people are really suffering due to some really bad decision making in the Iemma government.

Australians just proved in a landslide national election that they don’t want right wing government. If the NSW Labor left faction hasn’t ousted Iemma’s dinosaurs by the next NSW state elections, we could see the Lieberals returned to at least one state government out of sheer voter frustration. Watch for Fatty O’Barrel to start flying some fairly leftish policies to try to muddy the waters.


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