BO’F to the rescue?
Monday March 03rd 2008, 7:27 am

Alan Moir bangs another one for 6.

Say it ain't so!
Alan Moir for The Sydney Morning Herald

Scary if Alan’s right… but he usually is.


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Take notice the Jew Brian Stokes-we are comming to have a look at your house and maybe knock on the door.


Comment by Nic Miller 03.05.08 @ 9:09 am

Folks, let me introduce you to self-absorbed neo-nazi twat Nic Miller, who thinks stuff like this is good publicity:

Nic, it’s a bloody long way for you to come from Wellington to knock on my door… especially when you couldn’t find your ass with both hands and a flashlight, much less my door. πŸ˜€

G’head Nic, tell me, what’s my street address? πŸ˜†

Comment by weez 03.05.08 @ 9:53 pm

Feel free to look at the house and admire the Dahlias, Gladiolas, Chrysanthemums and Daisies, but don’t bother knocking on the door, weez has all the Amway and Avon he needs.

Comment by suki 03.06.08 @ 5:31 am

I AM a little low on Avon’s Skin-So-Soft, Suki. πŸ˜†

Comment by weez 03.06.08 @ 5:34 am

While we’re on Miller, the public should know that the NZ Sunday News altered the img of Miller they used in that famous front-page as pictured. You can see from the arse-about swazi that the one on the cited NZSN banner page is reversed…

Thanks to FDB’s very own Agent Gerbil™, revealed here for the very first time, is the ACTUAL pic, as taken by Miller himself!

hey, someone has to watch the dickheads... but Nic needs a mirror.

Unfortunately, the chin pubes were not the doing of the NZSN… Nic really looks like this! πŸ˜†

BTW Nic, you’re not offending me by calling me a Jew… but Jews will be a bit curious about it, given I am a stone-cold atheist. πŸ˜†

Comment by weez 03.06.08 @ 5:48 am

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