Shrubya gives McCain the Kiss Of Death
Thursday March 06th 2008, 9:29 am

Thanks to King George, McCain’s electoral chances have been smashed. Lest we forget, control of Congress was handed to the Dems last November on a platform of stopping the Iraq war, whether the sods have done anything about it or not.

Clinton Inc. picks up TX & OH, but Obama still leads the delegate count. In the end, it’ll depend on the will of the wholly undemocratic ‘superdelegates’ at the Democratic National Convention.

Still looking like Obama vs McCain. No contest.


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fingers crossed

Comment by Marcus 03.07.08 @ 1:08 pm

Marcus, in the end, it’ll be the salesmanship. The wingnuts are banging on about Obama’s perceived ‘lack of experience.’ HC has no more political experience than does Obama- sorry, being the prez’s wife does not count as ‘political experience’ unless you’re padding the hell out of your CV.

HC lost it for me with her support of King George’s Iraq war. I actually think her gender affected her decision making; HC had to go along with the war mongers so not to be seen as ‘soft.’

I would have preferred to have seen her as ‘soft’ rather than ‘stupid.’

Comment by weez 03.07.08 @ 3:32 pm

Maureen O’Dowd wraps Hilly.

Comment by weez 03.10.08 @ 6:06 am

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