HoWARd passed in both lanes at high speed
Tuesday March 11th 2008, 3:46 pm

Say for a moment, you’re a CEO of a large company. You get sacked by the board for having fully mad, ill-considered policies and a destructive management style.

Do you:

1) Lay low until it all blows over, give it all some serious thought and later admit you were wrong

2) Go on a public speaking tour, addressing fellow nutballs, vehemently insisting you were correct and it’s the board which has a problem

Path 1 has worked pretty well for Malcolm Fraser… but if you’re John HoWARd… months will go by but you still can’t work out what’s wrong with that mean ol’ board of directors. Littler Johnny would like you to believe he was unseated by those evil trade unionists… but I got a clue for the old boy, no trade union official filled out my ballot.

Could it be any more obvious that John HoWARd wasn’t ever interested in participatory democracy, rather in ruling the stupid masses by edict, for their own good? No wonder HoWARd and King George get on like a house afire.


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The ignorance is not confined to our ex-PM Weez, Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott are both publicly grieving, with their grief turning into mass delusion.

Just yesterday Abbott told the house that the Labor Government had lost its soul and would eventually make the Howard years look like “a golden age of compassion and decency”.

You know I can not even bring myself to listen to HoWARd and that voice anymore. The moment I hear it I change channels… in the famous words of the girlchild “get off my TV!”

Comment by suki 03.12.08 @ 6:31 am

Makes you wonder why J Bish & Captain Catholic didn’t get the sack, too. Dinosaurs, old news.

Rest easy- 93% of the electorate are also rolling their eyes at about 60RPM, right along with you.

Comment by weez 03.12.08 @ 6:36 am

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