Paybacks are a BITCH.
Wednesday March 26th 2008, 2:23 pm

Back on 22 November 2007, 2 days before the Blessed Election:

Don’t vote Labor: Rudd’s uncle

Some of Kevin Rudd’s relatives are speaking out against voting for the Labor Party at Saturday’s federal election.

Mr Rudd’s uncle Kevin de Vere and his cousin, Chris de Vere, are upset that the Labor leader has not shown any interest in the controversial Traveston Crossing Dam project in south-east Queensland.

The dam will inundate the Mary Valley near where the Labor leader grew up and his family still lives.

Chris de Vere says he is also concerned Australia will again be dominated by the unions if Labor wins government.

“I think a lot of the people he has working for him have got issues that they’re going to use probably to get their own way, if they do get power,” he said.

“I believe in the long term future we’re going to be suffering for it in Australia. I think there’s a very good chance they’re going to turn back the clock to where it was.”

Let the suffering begin!

Rudd’s uncle’s front yard caves in

the mystery hole! (image: ABC)
image: ABC TV

Fire and Rescue officers are inspecting a massive crater that has appeared in the front yard of a southern Queensland house owned by the uncle of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Kevin de Vere says the tenants of the Gympie house called him last night when they found a large hole in the front garden of the Bligh Street house.

Mr de Vere says it appears a disused mine shaft has collapsed – taking with it water pipes, a meter box and an outdoor table and chairs.

“There was about a foot deep of bricks cemented together along the butt of the wall and that suprisingly enough has fell down either side of it,” he said.

“It’s still holding the fence and everything up – you could walk underneath.”

Joe Hockey and Julie Bishop have named the Australian Mine Workers’ Union as prime suspects in the de Vere collapse.

Brendan Nelson and Tony Abbott have called for a Parliamentary inquiry into all other suspicious holes found near the homes of Rudd’s political opponents.


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