Report: Gun supremacist Heston’s fingers cold, dead
Sunday April 06th 2008, 7:37 pm

And considering Heston did an NRA rally on 4 May 1999 in Denver, near Columbine High School and only days after the 20 April 1999 massacre, it’s well past his due time. Most of the gun victims Heston belittled and dismissed didn’t get a quarter of Chuck’s 84 years.

I hope Heston gets all the hell he believed in.


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I rather thought his Jehovah was fond of all that smiting and stuff — His horn section fisted Jericho down to the last baby. By the time Jez Falwell has explained Iraq to God, Chucky will be just another sad Jew from Hollywood. More riddance.

Comment by hip 04.07.08 @ 1:10 am

Religion is wacky, wacky stuff- but American gun nutbaggery is taken infinitely more seriously by gun nutbags than even religion is taken by the hypnotised.

Comment by weez 04.07.08 @ 3:58 am

I do have to comment that one doesn’t have to be an American gun nutbag to own guns. I had quite an arsenal before I split for Australia- Winchester 12ga pump shotgun with a min legal barrel, riot grips and a laser sight, a Ruger 10/22 converted to full auto with 45 round banana clips, couple of Glocks and a Ruger Mini-14, a .223 cal semi-auto which would shoot straight through a school bus (end to end).

I never shot anything more belligerent than a beer can, but it was delightful fun to chamber a shell in the shotgun when there were crackies smoking and dealing in my apartment bldg hallway. Just the chink-CHUNK sound of putting one in the chamber would absolutely clear the hallway.

However, at no time during my arsenal ownership did I ever think it was cool to suggest that yanks had a god-given right to neighbourhood firepower superiority- and certainly wouldn’t have inflicted any such view on the families of recently murdered children.

Hez was a one-eyed moron- and good bloody riddance to him!

Comment by weez 04.07.08 @ 4:07 am

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