The terrorist in the tea room
Monday April 14th 2008, 11:00 am

In a move that seems either completely uncalculated or calculated to cause the Labor Party to be a laughingstock, Deputy PM Julia Gillard has announced that employers will be given powers to snoop employees’ emails without notice.

That employers would or could have the ability to read their workers’ emails is not a real surprise- I would really rather expect that employers, if they maintain a computer network for a business purpose, should (and probably already do) have the right to read emails sent or received via their facilities. Anyone who has a computer on their desktop at work should not presume it to be a private conduit- and anyone who does think it’s a private terminal is a bit of a nong.

However, the part that is so laughable is that Gillard is claiming this is to be used as a terrorism countermeasure. What proper terrorist settles in at his or her desk after raiding the last of the biscuits in the tea room at smoko time, only to go online to discuss world domination?

How ponderous.


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Good to know that our Oz Managers are so skilled in IT that no business, anywhere, needs to bother with firewalls and anti-virus ever again. Reading emails is the only bestest method for spotting worms and trojans, don’t you know!

They can stop urine testing for drugs, too. These brilliant Managers can tell just by the length of your hair.

Comment by hip 04.14.08 @ 4:48 pm

Damn the trojans & worms- I have great faith that our Oz managers can spot the terrerierists!

Osama won’t stand a chance if he tries to abuse the photocopier!

Comment by weez 04.14.08 @ 5:00 pm

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