Chinese thuggery comes to Canberra
Thursday April 24th 2008, 10:04 pm

The CCP wasn’t about to let the Australian leg of the ill-fated torch relay be dominated by voices for a free Tibet. When it was made clear by the PM that Chinese security wasn’t going to be allowed to manhandle Aussie crowds, the CCP bussed in less official bodies– and a hell of a lot of them- to bash their way through the Tibetan and sympathetic protesters in Canberra:

Alistair Paterson, 52, from Lake George outside Canberra, said he was standing with his seven-year-old daughter on Limestone Avenue with an older couple, their teenage son and two other young women when they were attacked by a group of about 50 people draped in Chinese flags.

Mr Paterson said he was holding a “Free Tibet” banner and the older couple also had a pro-Tibet placard, which angered the group as it ran along the crowd side of the barrier.

“I got a flying kick in the leg, another bloke was hit in the head with a stick with a Chinese flag attached to it and our banners were torn down,” Mr Paterson said.

“When I looked around there were three or four guys who I can only assume were Chinese who wanted to fight me.

“This gang of thugs rolled right through us and we had kids with us. My daughter was still shaking an hour later and is very quiet even now.

“I don’t normally get angry but I am so angry right now.”

I’m angry, too.

Up to this point, I wouldn’t have advocated a boycott- but if the CCP think they can pull the same bullshit in Canberra as in Tibet- and that’s EXACTLY what this was- Australia should withdraw its Olympic teams from participating in Beijing. Anything less is tacit approval of China’s international bullying.


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