Costa & Iemma: Monday morning dickheads
Monday May 05th 2008, 4:22 pm

Costa’s obscene outburst at unions
Andrew West and Andrew Clennell

May 5, 2008

MICHAEL COSTA stormed across the room – his face flushed, his hands clenched – towards John Robertson, the secretary of Unions NSW. “You blokes can get f—ed,” he screamed. “You’re going to look like dickheads on Monday morning.”


In the end Mr Costa took to the stage on Saturday. His arms were flailing, his voice rising. On ABC TV yesterday it was referred to as a “Mussolini-like” performance. The vote went 702 votes to 107 against him.

no similarities at all!

Leave it to those pinko commies at the ABC to draw such a ridiculous and unrealistic comparison.

Who does Iemma think he is? Making unilateral decisions against the best interests and will of the people is King George II’s job.

So, how do you sack a premier in Australia?


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“So, how do you sack a premier in Australia?”

First you make a hole in a coconut, drop in a cannoli and glue it under a disabled pensioner… When you’ve nabbed the little bugger, just pop the the lot into a vermin-proof sack and make like a Roman legion.

(Pensioners love this kind of work.)

Comment by hip 05.22.08 @ 1:12 am

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