Wednesday June 04th 2008, 9:28 am

Obama! Obama! Obama! Barack Obama looks set to clinch the Democratic Party nod.

Hilly hangs on, says, “Me too.” I say “beggar off.” She and Bill are cut from the same ‘as conservative as you can get while still calling yourself a Democrat’ cloth. No thanks. Although, I certainly won’t not vote for Obama if Hilly is the running mate.

John Edwards would make an infinitely better VP. If Al Gore could be persuaded to play second banana again, seismic shifts of the magnitude of Cheney’s shenanigans, but for the benefit of the people, are in the offing.

After nearly a year and a half of the primary races, even though resident in Australia where I’m largely insulated from American politics, I’m still a bit jack of it all.

Just send me my absentee ballot and let’s get this show on the road.


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Put Hilla-rious in the VP’s office and they’ll re-visit the Dick C/GWchimp .. all over again .. heh.

Comment by Davo 06.06.08 @ 6:45 pm

Jimmy sez no Hillaryous for veep. Dead nuts on.

Comment by weez 06.06.08 @ 7:33 pm

Yer, well. Who listens to Jimmy Carter – these days .. heh.

Comment by Davo 06.06.08 @ 11:50 pm

Davo, while I realise you’re having a bit of a lend, anyone with a concern for social justice and well-reasoned foreign policy listens very closely to Carter, who has risen far above the defamations from the ‘liberal media’ and wingnuts who run it over the last 30 years.

Carter is nowadays widely recognised as a skilled negotiator and valued elder statesman. His commitment to social justice is plain from his long term involvement with Habitat For Humanity.

I’d like to see Carter as a UN Secretary General someday soon. Real soon. He’s 83 now.

Comment by weez 06.07.08 @ 6:14 am

You are, Weez, quite correct in your assessments. If i didn’t view the parlous state of world – indeed, local – politics and society with a certain degree of wry humour; would more than likely end up in a sodden and soggy puddle of weep.

And yup, James E Carter IS one of the more notable elder Statesmen to emerge from the Barnum and Bailey circus of Amerrikun politics.

Sad that the lascivious and prurient “main stream Meeja” has not seen fit to give him more “air” time, but that’s how it goes, i guess. More interested in “instant” titillation and scandal than any serious assessment of the depths and ramifications involved.”Give the public what it wants” (or is it the other way around?)

Meanwhile, have no idea which “power bug” has bitten Hillary R. Clinton, but methinks she would be well advised to concede gracefully and go quietly. She not only (have heard) has the rare ability to “de-stabilise” Barack Obama but also, methinks, the past few months performance has put a serious dent – if not crippled – any chance that Bill Clinton has of moving on to a career of “serious elder Statesman”.

Comment by Davo 06.07.08 @ 11:01 am

the Barnum and Bailey circus of Amerrikun politics

heh, if more yanks knew what a merkin is, they’d be a lot more precise with pronunciation. ­čść

I’m not so sure Clinton┬▓ has much ability to destabilise Obama per se as much as they have the ability to simply sabotage him.

W Jefferson kinda stuffed his chances at being a credible elder statesman by being just a tick too generous with his tobacco humidor.

Should Hillary concede? You bet. It’s ‘unity’ time… no matter how forced and plastic she has to be while delivering that message.

Comment by weez 06.07.08 @ 2:49 pm

I’m not so sure Clinton┬▓ have much ability to destabilise Obama per se as much as they have the ability to simply sabotage him.

destabilise, sabotage .. a thorn by any other name.

Comment by Davo 06.07.08 @ 4:06 pm

(and yer, i rather like merkins .. heh)

Comment by Davo 06.07.08 @ 4:15 pm

“A F’k’n’ Firkin Full of Merkins.” … the long lost unpublished novella by Dr. Seuss.

Comment by Meself 06.07.08 @ 7:01 pm

Davo, sorry, I sorta got the impression you thought that Obama himself was perhaps flappable by Clinton┬▓ shenanigans. I find Obama not only to be unflappable but note that he absolutely shines under pressure.

Theodor Geisel is presently spinning in his grave at approximately 800 RPM. ­čść

Comment by weez 06.07.08 @ 7:48 pm

Hasta la vista, baby

Comment by weez 06.08.08 @ 5:19 am

Ah, have to admit that Himself has pointed to some errors in my typing. It is, in fact, full Ferkins that am fond of; and the word that was searching for was discomfort

Comment by Davo 06.09.08 @ 8:57 pm

Yes, John Edwards or Al Gore would make great VP’s. However, to help win over all those women wanting a woman in the White House, how about Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius for VP? She’s a popular democrat governor in a republican state, and she’s recently stood up to the state congress–opposing construction of coal plants in favor of developing more wind energy (plentiful here in kansas).

Comment by jayhawk 06.25.08 @ 3:44 am

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