FISA cop-out: Bad move, Barack
Saturday July 12th 2008, 7:23 am

image: Chris Britt, Springfield, IL -- The State Journal-Register via Cagle

image: Chris Britt, Springfield, IL — The State Journal-Register, via Cagle

Ahead of the election, Barack Obama has sold his soul for acceptance by what he thinks is middle America by giving the telcos retroactive immunity for violating American citizens’ rights to privacy on King George’s orders. Obama knows full well that this is utterly morally repugnant but his greed for votes has overtaken his good sense.

Obama’s been on a good thing by following the wishes of voters, which were clearly demonstrated by our ousting of the Repuglicans from the House & Senate in 2006 on the Dems’ promised anti-Iraq war platform, despite the fact the Dems have fully reneged on that promise to get us out of this illegal war.

Incidentally, also in the Dems’ reneging department, Nancy Pelosi is going straight to whatever hell she believes in for saying ‘impeachment is off the table.’ She effectvely said American democracy is off the table because impeachment is the citizens’ tool built into the Constitution designed solely to remove bad governments.

Barack’s bad move probably won’t shift a lot of supporters to McBush, but it may well make some voters simply stay home.


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You can almost predict Obama’s presidency by looking at Rudd’s first year. I think we lefties may have to look for something new to believe in, there’s little point in trusting our screwed “democracy”.

Comment by Hip 07.13.08 @ 4:38 pm

You’re probably right, Hip. The FISA thing is pretty unforgivable.

Comment by weez 07.13.08 @ 6:38 pm

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