See you at the debates, bitches
Wednesday August 06th 2008, 12:50 pm

Paris Hilton just became newsworthy for the first time in her life!

Great vid, no glowing eyes to scare children, either.

Paris shoots, she scores! Way to dis the ‘wrinkly white haired guy.’


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luv it – i’m scratchin my head wondering to what purpose she did this – was she simply pissed off? I doubt that she’s polically motivated in too many ways that involves keeping her clothes on, perhaps we are looking at the new candle in the wind? I luv it – its intrigue-ing.

Comment by FootPrince 08.06.08 @ 10:23 pm

Hilton’s image was used in an ad by the McCain campaign, which compares Obama to Hilton & Britney Spears.

Hilton acquits herself well in this spoof, managing to take the piss out of herself hilariously and swat ‘the white haired dude’ in the process.

Comment by weez 08.07.08 @ 3:52 am

saw a bit of this on the news last night, good to see the whole thing.

She acquits herself very well, as you say she takes the piss out of herself very well, but her policy also has some validity.

Comment by Oz Atheist 08.07.08 @ 8:44 am

Kinda makes you wonder what Britney’s energy policy is. Considering her past exhortations to ‘support our president,’ I’m betting Spears will posit that we should strip-mine the ANWR and get rid of all those pesky endangered species that cause so much trouble for progress.

Comment by weez 08.07.08 @ 9:21 am

One thing Hilton manages, as a bit of a subtext, is to encourage McCain’s campaign to stick to the issues and get off the mudwagon. Her spoof actually did force the McCain camp to make a statement on policy instead of doing more of the ad hominem tango on Obama.

Satire is such a brilliant tool. Who’d have thought Paris Hilton would be capable of it?

Comment by weez 08.07.08 @ 9:34 am

Oh no, please don’t tell me Paris Hilton is actually capable of remembering a script.

Comment by Davo 08.13.08 @ 5:05 am

She apparently can’t, considering all the cuts and edits in that piece. However, the bits that she does deliver, she does carry off in a reasonably clever and competent fashion.

Comment by weez 08.13.08 @ 5:18 am

Paris is generally pretty self aware. That’s what makes this work.

Comment by rainie 09.03.08 @ 12:50 pm

Yeah, I guess self-awareness explains her multiple crotch flashes while exiting various cars with Britney Spears. 😆

Hiya rainie, long time no see. 🙂

Comment by weez 09.04.08 @ 9:30 am

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