Beware your local petrolhead
Tuesday July 26th 2005, 5:00 pm




In the government’s latest terrorism awareness campaign, we’re pointedly warned to watch for people who use their garages at odd hours. Better give the neighbours a heads-up before you start building that land speed record car.

Will HoWARd be stopped by Customs for possession of an unusual amount of fertiliser?


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You gonna move the beer fridge, weez?

Comment by Fair Enough 07.26.05 @ 5:13 pm

Not likely.

I may start working on motorbikes in the loungeroom, though. 😉

Comment by weezil 07.26.05 @ 5:18 pm

their garages? see how middle class our government is – they naively think that dirty work is done in outbuildings. Any volunteers to tell them that terrorists build bombs on the kitchen table inside the house?
2. stopped for carrying large amounts of fertiliser? depends on how it is containered I suppose. (which reminds me – today brought some positive news on the boogie board issue).

Comment by Brownie 07.26.05 @ 5:30 pm

Please tell me you built that image. It’s brilliant.

Comment by Flashman 07.26.05 @ 6:43 pm

Flash, that’s the artwork for the current Australian Government terrorism warning advertising on TV, public transit, billboards, etc. Click the image, it’s linked.

I’d have credited the source, but I don’t think the gov’t wants anything to do with it in its current state of culture jamminess. 😉

Comment by weezil 07.26.05 @ 7:57 pm

“The connection was refused when trying to contact


Comment by Flashman 07.26.05 @ 9:09 pm

I’ll be fuct. It’s still offline. 😀

Now THAT’S security!

Comment by weezil 07.26.05 @ 9:37 pm

Just checked again at 10.08pm. National Security not looking too flash…

Comment by cileo 07.26.05 @ 10:08 pm

Last time they ran this bit of propaganda, Gail and I sent the fridge magnet back to hoWARd registered mail. With a note. We wanted him to sign for it.
What B.S.
So every garage band has to worry about noise complaints, and some grumpy neighbour now sayin, they’re up to something……….?

This kind of scare tactic pisses me off to no end.
We rang the hotline pre war and reported hoWARd!

Comment by foxman 07.27.05 @ 8:38 am

Your garage may only be used nine to five!

Machine Gun Keyboard

Weez has a beef with Australia’s latest fear your neighbour campaign. And nails it on the head!

Trackback by 12thharmonic Blog 07.27.05 @ 8:46 am

Our next door neighbour is a prime candidate. Come to think of it, I helped him out once, so I am an accessory!

Comment by dj 07.27.05 @ 1:48 pm

I’m a shift worker so I come and go at different times of the day. Sometimes at night. I sent silly fridge magnet etc back with Howard Sux written on the envelope.

Comment by Janice 07.27.05 @ 6:40 pm

I really enjoy your new blog, but just have one suggestion:

Writing ‘Howard’ as ‘HoWARd’ is hackneyed, childish and really does not achieve anything.

I was going to elaborate, but in re-reading that sentence, I think it conveys pretty much how I feel.

Comment by fred 07.31.05 @ 1:05 am

Fred, thanks for your comment.

I use ‘HoWARd’ to keep it fresh in all readers’ minds that Australia has been dragged into an illegal war on America’s coattails, against the will of the Australian people. A few hundred thousand people put their feet on the street on 16 Feb 2003 to indicate the broad public opposition to going to war with Iraq- and we were completely IGNORED.

I’ll very likely continue to use ‘HoWARd’ until he’s out of office.



Comment by weezil 07.31.05 @ 7:48 am

Well put Weez.
However, in keeping in sync with the new G-SAVE lingo we could call him G-SAVE Johnny… he’d like that.

Comment by suki 07.31.05 @ 12:12 pm

Suki, can’t we just call him an egg-sucking douchebag?

No… I guess we can’t… he’d be too readily confused with Bend Weirdheim, the famous Australian online nazi…

Comment by weezil 07.31.05 @ 2:33 pm

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