Rhymes with failin’
Friday September 05th 2008, 9:17 am

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that John McC-word has picked this right-wing nutjob for his veep. Shows us how ready he is to cave in to the extreme xtian right, which while it may be a significant portion of the GOP base, is a minority in the greater US voting population.

Palin is hypocrisy on two legs. Palin is pro-life, of course except for bears & moose, which she bravely chases down with a helicopter and semi-automatic weapons.  She does not support a woman’s right to choose a pregnancy termination even in cases of rape or incest. Palin advocates removing proper sex education from schools, removing birth control devices from schools (ie condoms), and worst, teaching teens that ONLY abstinence from sex is the way to go- a theory which quite obviously hasn’t worked on her own daughter. Most concerningly, Palin has supported an Alaskan secessionist party, yet wants to be seated as the alternative President of the Union, which if she is elected, would be sworn to protect. If her secessionist mates somehow present a real challenge to the Union, what will Palin do?

I hope McCain didn’t stay up too late postulating that Palin would attract votes from women who had voted for H Clinton in the primaries. Not a single one of those would give their vote to an anti-choice administration, which the McCain-Palin ticket most unmistakably will produce.

Mind you, this in no way means that I approve of the choice of Joe Biden as Obama’s running mate. Biden is a Senator for the state of Delaware, home to the most pro-banker financial laws in the US. There’s a reason why your credit card company is incorporated in Delaware and it’s not the weather. Biden also voted in favor of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq.

I have previously put a prediction of an Obama landslide at 80% in favour. Post the selection of Palin as the GOP veep, I’ll call that a little closer to 90%, despite Obama selecting Biden. I simply think Biden hurts Obama less than Palin hurts McCain.


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