March In March against internet censorship – Saturday – Canberra
Thursday March 19th 2009, 7:09 am

The Australian Government have not just stepped but hurled themselves blindly over a line that should never have been crossed.

Time to hit the streets!

You. Outside. Now.


March in March is an upbeat event to give people an opportunity to stand up, be heard and hold the government accountable for their plans of forcing mandatory censorship on a very unwilling public.


Parliament House side of Federation Mall, Canberra


1:00 PM 21st of March, 2009

(Press conference at 11:00 AM)


The DLC have been organising rallies in capital cities for the past three months raising awareness as to the governments plans to censor the internet and the negative impact involved.

This is only the tip of the wedge of censorship being driven into our society by a vocal minority, as they say, the best time to defend your freedom is while you still have it.

While Senators change their minds daily, and the media report that the filter will go ahead, or won’t go ahead almost as regularly–the fact remains–this issue will not be put to bed unless Australians defend their democracy against the very ideology of censorship culture.

If you can’t be there, protest by publishing! ACMA have ‘banned’ (you can still access these pages) Wikileaks and a politically controversial but otherwise lawful anti-abortion website.

This is complete bullshit- and it stops right here and right now.


MORE: Don’t miss ABC Radio National’s Background Briefing program from 15 March. “Conroy’s clean feed” is a very complete summation of the story to date, but doesn’t include the recent misstep by ACMA in banning a legitimate political protest site and threatening anyone who links to the ‘banned‘ site with an $11,000 per day fine.

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This will be the turning point of the century for Australia. Once a filter is implemented, it is very difficult to go back. The internet is pure, this is why Governments believe it is dangerous. There are many other ways of implementing a form of censorship. I once believed that this was a democracy, however when the filter goes live we will be associated with countries such as: Burma, Chine, Eqypt, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunesia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
Once again the majority gets punished for activities of the minorities.

Comment by Jay 03.16.10 @ 8:24 am

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