Can’t have it both ways, Senator
Thursday March 19th 2009, 6:22 pm

Leaked blacklist irresponsible, inaccurate: Conroy

By News Online’s Nic MacBean

Broadband and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says a list claiming to be the communication regulator’s blacklist for a proposed internet filtering system is not the real blacklist.

He has condemned Wikileaks, the website that published the list, as “grossly irresponsible”.


“The leak and publication of prohibited URLs is grossly irresponsible. It undermines efforts to improve cyber-safety and create a safe online environment for children,” Senator Conroy said.


“I am aware of reports that a list of URLs has been placed on a website. This is not the ACMA blacklist.”


“ACMA is investigating this matter and is considering a range of possible actions it may take including referral to the Australian Federal Police. Any Australian involved in making this content publicly available would be at serious risk of criminal prosecution.”

The good Senator damns the publication of ‘prohibited URLs’ (prohibited by whom, sir?), threatens criminal prosecution (fat chance, bro), but in the same breath says “This is not the ACMA blacklist.”

If the list on Wikileaks is not the ACMA banlist as claimed, Senator Conjob won’t be prosecuting anyone.

The spray of threats indicates nothing but a man in deep fear of EPIC FAIL.

Rotsaruck, Senator.


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It’s ‘Life on Mars’. We’re stuck in an forever Monthy Python episode. You ought to know what is not known, but what we know, or talk about what is not known, but what we know or face 10 years jail.

Comment by Melchior 03.20.09 @ 1:51 am

Secret evidence and lack of procedural fairness is nothing new in Australia- remember, Scott Parkin has been waiting since 2005 to find out why he was arrested and deported. Check out the latest episode of The Law Report from ABC Radio National, which happens to cover unappealable secret evidence.

However, in a legal system where ignorance of law is no excuse for breaking it, secret banlists which one might violate when websurfing are carte blanche for abuse of power.

Comment by weez 03.20.09 @ 11:16 am

I may be muckraking and rumor mongering but I hear that wikileaks is now included on the banned list. Welcome to the slippery slope of government censorship.

Comment by Rob G 03.20.09 @ 4:34 pm

Muckraking is allowed, rumourmongering ain’t. 😉

Wikileaks was on the ACMA banlist before their list was leaked- apparently ACMA didn’t think much of them leaking the Thai & Danish banlists.

Now they’re double-secret banned. 😆

Comment by weez 03.20.09 @ 7:48 pm

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