Conroy binge drinking game
Thursday March 26th 2009, 8:48 am

After months of avoiding questions about Labor’s proposed mandatory internet filtering scam, Senator Conjob will be appearing tonight on ABC’s Q&A.

Get some of your favourite coldies on ice and play the Conjob Binge Drinking Game!

When Conjob accuses censorship opponents of:
* supporting access to kiddie porn, take a drink.
* being irresponsible by leaking the ACMA banlist (we’re all supposed to play along) take two drinks.

When Conjob claims he’ll prosecute leakers of what he claims wasn’t the ACMA banlist, take three drinks.

When Conjob says that the filter will halt ‘illegal’ content without mentioning that the ACMA banlist (which will form the basis for the proposed mandatory filter) already contains non-illegal content, take four drinks.

When Conjob insists that he can bypass the Senate to implement his filter, take five drinks.

If you’re not plowed under the table by the end of the program, it’s because the good Senator spat the dummy and stormed offstage in tears, cursing the ABC for biasing the audience against him.


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I don’t think my liver could cope playing this game. 🙂

Comment by OzAtheist 03.26.09 @ 12:46 pm

Lol, maybe not so many shots at a time but I’m thinking I might do this.

Will anybody be recording it?

Comment by websinthe 03.26.09 @ 1:07 pm

Oz, yeah, you wouldn’t wanna play this game with anything stronger than lemonade. Even then, you’re risking diabetic shock. 😀

web, I will be recording it, but you will be able to watch the full program on Q&A’s website, likely after noon tomorrow.

Comment by weez 03.26.09 @ 2:15 pm

I spent the night “screaming in pain and vomiting” (SIPAV). :O)

Comment by Hip 03.27.09 @ 3:19 pm

Conroy has that effect on me, too, hip. 😕

I actually haven’t been able to watch my recording of Q&A yet. Shit to do today.

Comment by weez 03.27.09 @ 3:23 pm

BTW, I predicted about a week ago that this filtering nonsense was going to go very badly, to the point of the dissolution of the OFLC. Public discontent with censorship in Australia is beginning to bubble to the surface.

Last night, probably while Conjob was waffling on while on Q&A, and were hacked. The defacers left the following message:

“This site contains information about the boards that have the right to CONTROL YOUR FREEDOMZ. The Classification Board has the right to not just classify content (the name is an ELABORATE TRICK), but also the right to DECIDE WHAT IS AND ISNT APPROPRIATE and BAN CONTENT FROM THE PUBLIC. We are part of an ELABORATE DECEPTION from CHINA to CONTROL AND SHEEPIFY the NATION, to PROTECT THE CHILDREN. All opposers must HATE CHILDREN, and therefore must be KILLED WITH A LARGE MELONS during the PROSECUTION PARTIES IN SEPTEMBER. Come join our ALIEN SPACE PARTY.”

All your website are belong to us. 😀

Comment by weez 03.27.09 @ 3:49 pm

welp, I’ve just gotten done watching the Conroy dog & pony act. He said little, failed to confront the main issues- why we need mandatory instead of optional filtering and why it should not be done at the PC level instead of the ISP. After the show, Conroy jumped into his Dodge and went out for waffles.

I do believe he’s going to go ahead with the scam, over lots of dead bodies, including that of the political future of Labor in Federal politics.

Conroy won’t understand anything but being handed his arse on a platter via constant subversion. Go the list leakers.

Comment by weez 03.27.09 @ 8:14 pm

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