The surest way to succeed is to redefine success
Wednesday April 08th 2009, 5:37 pm

While you gotta hand it to the guy for being able to bullshit on the fly, it was heaps better when Senator Conjob was hiding under a rock, refusing to answer any questions at all about the proposed mandatory filtering scam.

Conjob appeared on Triple J’s Hack program on Tuesday, 7 April- and was summarily O’Tooled (MP3 audio, 450kb).

Stephen Conroy: We said that if the trial shows that this cannot be done then we won’t do it.

Kate O’Toole: And what is the definition of ‘cannot be done’? What would be the acceptable amount to slow the internet down?

SC: Now you’re asking me to pre-empt the outcome of the trial.

KO: No, no, no, I’m not, you’ve gotta have a… before you start the trial, you’ve got to have an understanding of what is… what’s a pass and a fail, like you’ve got to be able to measure, you can’t sort of wait until the trial finishes and then look back and decide how you’re going to measure the outcome.

SC: Well actually, actually, that’s how you conduct a trial. You wait to see what the results is and then you make a decision based on the results. If the trial shows that it cannot be done without slowing the internet down, then we will not do it.

And there you have it- Conjob will define ‘success’ after the results of the filtering trial are in- moreover, the trial won’t be held under anything resembling real-world conditions. Customers on filtering trial ISPs like Optus will be able to opt-out.

However, in the same breath, Conjob committed himself to an impossible goal- filtering without any speed degradation whatsoever. Simple as this, when a computer halts an access to a website while the URL is compared to a banlist, there will be an inherent delay while that task is performed.

You would have to have mountains of sympathy for Conjob’s primary school teachers. He’d be the only kid who could have homework eaten by the family dog twenty times yet turn it into a scholastic achievement every single time.


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Mark Newton Unleashed:

Addressing censorship, Senator Conroy says, “the Government does not view this debate as an argument about freedom of speech,” seemingly believing that the statement will become true if he repeats it often enough.

Comment by weez 04.08.09 @ 11:43 pm

Newton again, cracking me up:

My summary: “Conroy sets pants on fire as a defensive measure to stop Kate O’Toole from kicking his arse.”



Comment by weez 04.10.09 @ 1:43 pm

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