Cheech & Chong were funny in 1978
Thursday April 23rd 2009, 2:15 am

And they’re just as funny in 2009.

…even if Alice Bowie needs a Zimmer frame to get off stage and Man is still too high to work out he never gets double his weed.

In fact, they’re probably funnier. 😆

Everybody, sing!

Up in smoke
Thats where my money goes
In my lungs
and sometimes up my nose
When troubled times
Begin to bother me
I take a toke
and all my cares
Go up in smoke

Up in smoke
Donde todos es mi rey
There are no signs
Que dice no fumer
So I roll un “bomber”
Y me doy, un buen toke-ay
Y despues I choke
Y todos mis cares
Go up in smoke
Come on let’s go get high

Up in smoke
That’s where I wanna be
‘Cause when I’m high
The world below
Don’t bother me
When life begins
To be one long
and dangerous road
I take a toke
and all my cares
Go up in smoke

Tommy got 9 months in the Taft, California Federal Prison for playing a hapless stoner in a bunch of movies. Anyone other than Tommy Chong who sold a bong would get home detention. That little skirmish in the Bush/Ashcroft culture war on America didn’t do much more than resurrect the Cheech & Chong part of Tommy’s career.

I got to talk to the fellas after the 22 April show at the Enmore for a few minutes. When Tommy found out I was an American who had lived in Aus for about 14 years, he asked for my email address, but after seeing this video… I’m not holding out much hope for any notes. Tommy’s wife Shelby mentioned that they were considering moving out to Australia; I sure hope they check out the Blue Mountains before splashing out for a harbour view mansion.

And for the record, Tommy’s still addicted to Mexicans.


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