Dear Senator Fielding
Tuesday June 16th 2009, 9:19 am

I think Steve Fielding is on to something. If you can’t see it for yourself or understand it without the aid of ‘educated’ people, you are fully within the course of reason to deny it. Even if you ARE aided by ‘edumacated’ people, you should ignore reality at all costs.


Naturally, that prompted a letter.

Dear Senator Fielding,

Thank you for standing up to those ‘global warming’ fanatics. It gets hot in the summer but cold every winter. I sure haven’t noticed any difference since the beginning of the industrial revolution- well, the part of it that I’ve seen for myself, anyway.

I’m also annoyed at these ‘scientists’ (ha!) claims that invisible ‘electricity’ (as they keep calling it) can in any way hurt you! Pure nonsense! We should all eat more of it!

On top of that, ‘THEY’ keep saying that HIV causes AIDS and that condoms can prevent the spread of the disease. How stupid is that? I just got back yesterday, but I don’t feel bad at all after that month of having unprotected sex with a half dozen bar girls in Bangkok. I’ve never seen any HIVs, have you? Of COURSE not. It’s all a left-wing fraud!

Don’t even get me started on this ’round earth’ garbage. I just looked out my window and it still looks as flat as ever. Idiots. Good heavens, the next thing you know some ‘educated’ dope will try to make you believe men have actually landed on the MOON! HA!

The unrealistic nonsense that THEY want you to believe is breathtaking. It takes a brave man to stand up to these anti-business communists with all those letters after their names. The cheek of these ‘learned’ people! Just because ‘they’ spent loads of money and years of life they’ll never get back on some stupid ‘education’ makes them think they can get you and me to believe ANYTHING. Well, I’m no fool and you’re obviously not either!

Good onya for believing those uneducated American ‘climate change’ skeptics. You can be sure that they’re unbiased by any of those highfalutin’ ‘educated’ anti-progress ‘experts’ and all their so-called ‘research’ and ‘facts.’

I won’t believe a word of any of it until YOU come to my house and explain it to me.

Keep up the good work, Senator.

Um, you ARE a ‘senator,’ right? I’ve never met anyone who voted for you. Until all those ‘voters’ show up and my place and TELL me they voted for you, there’s a bit of a question mark over your head, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt- for now.


T. Witt


Education! Waaaay overrated.


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hahaha LOL this deserves to be published on the newspaper or something.

If fielding did receive one of them letters i bet he’ll smile and say “wow, everyone on earth seems to love me, and i’m so great, i really am going to be the fuhrer of australia one day”

Comment by anonymous 06.17.09 @ 9:01 pm

Yes, Mr Fielding has a copy. I suspect he may divine the meaning, though; he’s an engineer, you know. 😉

Comment by weez 06.17.09 @ 9:18 pm

An engineer? wow, that explains the anti-Greens stance. And he is a Christian engineer, wow rejection of environmental sciences couldn’t get worser.

Comment by anonymous 06.18.09 @ 9:37 pm

welllll… I’m a qualified electronics engineer, meaning I have some understanding of science.

I don’t know what kind of engineer Mr Fielding is, but I suspect it’s the sort that drives trains. 😆 If so, he should stick to something he can handle, like HO gauge.

Comment by weez 06.18.09 @ 10:35 pm

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