Sydney Morning Herald conceals identities of corrupt NSW cops: Why? Because it ‘doesn’t add anything to the story’
Friday October 09th 2009, 4:35 pm

On 30 December 2008, attorney Andrea Turner was travelling on a CityRail train for a bit of a summer holiday bushwalk when she encountered an outrageous abuse of authority at the hands of the NSW Police, which the officers involved subsequently- and quite clumsily- tried to cover up.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran the following story about the event and the $40,000 taxpayer-funded payout Ms Turner received as a result:

Compensation for lawyer after wrongful arrest
October 6, 2009

After unjust arrest … when Andrea Turner lodged a
complaint, police records were falsified, the judge
found. Photo: Peter Rae

A LAWYER has won $40,000 in compensation after NSW police wrongfully arrested her and then falsified official documents, alleging she had committed a terrorist act.

Andrea Turner, 57, was arrested on December 30 last year when a senior constable mistakenly believed Ms Turner had taken a photograph of her conducting a routine patrol of a train with a junior colleague.

Ms Turner, a practising criminal lawyer, had been on her way to a bushwalk in the Royal National Park.

None of the police officers involved has been reprimanded over the incident and there has been no internal investigation.

”Don’t take my photo. If you take my photo I will put you on your arse so fast it will not be funny,” the junior officer had said.

The other told Ms Turner: ”You’re obviously a bloke.”

Ms Turner was asked for identification and when she refused, was told to get off the train at the next station or be ”dragged off”.

The senior constable told her she was being arrested for taking a photograph of an officer in the execution of her duty.

Ms Turner denied taking a photograph and pointed out it was not an offence to do so. As was her legal right, she again declined to provide identification.

She was then detained for 30 minutes in front of a crowd of onlookers at Kogarah station.

Ms Turner successfully sued the state of NSW for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment in the District Court, telling the Herald: ”How could I have backed down when I tell my own clients, ‘That is thuggery, that is unlawful behaviour and you can’t let them get away with it’?”

The state had admitted liability for the incident, but did not accept it should pay aggravated or exemplary damages.

Awarding Ms Turner $20,000 in aggravated and exemplary damages, Judge Anthony Garling found she had displayed no signs of aggression during her arrest and there was no suggestion that the officers had needed to use force.

Yet three police officers were called in as back-up before she was escorted off the platform. Another five – including two detectives – also arrived on the scene.

Despite several phone calls to their superiors, none of them knew which offence, if any, Ms Turner had committed.

”It was an unjust arrest, it was a wrong arrest,” Judge Garling said.

Without explanation, Ms Turner was freed without charge.

But what happened next was even more serious, with Ms Turner falsely accused of a ”terrorist act”, Judge Garling found.

Police had decided not to pursue the matter or formally record the incident in the police COPS system. But later the same day Ms Turner called the police station to complain about her treatment.

”The police officer then decided to lessen whatever complaint could be made against her by falsifying a public record, that is, by alleging that the plaintiff committed an offence which is related to railway property, not to photographing the police officer,” Judge Garling said.

The senior constable had written in the falsified COPS entry: ”It should be noted that at the time of dealing with the person of interest police were unaware of the exact offence. It is an offence to take photos on railway property under the new terrorism laws.”

The judge said: ”This lady was sitting on a train going for a bushwalk when the police mistakenly did what they did. In no way could [it] be suggested that it related to terrorism.” He criticised the police force for not removing or amending the falsified COPS entry or apologising to Ms Turner.

In a statement NSW Police said it would treat the judge’s comments seriously. ”The matter will be investigated and any issues identified as a result of that investigation will be addressed.”

Now, what’s missing from Bellinda Kontominas’ story? I’ll give you a clue. There are 5 “w’s” that comprise any proper news story- who, what, when, where and why. The pivotal ‘who’ in this tale of abuses of authority, the law, the public interest and the interests of the people of NSW to be well served by those entrusted with enforcing our laws, are the police officers. These two officers abused their authority by needlessly if not fraudulently detaining Ms Turner, simply because they wanted to punish her for lawful behaviour that they didn’t like, in particular, Ms Turner’s lawful resistance to being bullied by police officers.

Punishment isn’t the job of the police service and falsifying records to attempt to cover their own asses after the fact is absolutely a crime. The public purse is $40,000 poorer (at least) as a result of the unlawful acts of these two corrupt cops.

This is all fairly heinous stuff for police officers- possibly perversion of the course of justice, among other offences. The officers involved haven’t yet been charged with any offences nor are on trial for the same, meaning the SMH is not subject to sub judice restrictions on publishing particulars related to the matters.

So, why didn’t Bellinda Kontominas publish the names of these officers and the location of the local command to which they’re assigned? The public certainly has a right to know this information which is completely basic and core to the story. I dropped a note to the SMH and asked:

RE: “Compensation for lawyer after wrongful arrest” at

Despite the serious and proven accusations against police, this story omits the number 1 ‘W’ of the vital 5 ‘W’s necessary for any news story- ‘who.’

Why did writer Bellinda Kontominas omit the names of the senior and junior constables involved as well as the location of the local command to which they were assigned?

Will SMH amend the online story to include the pertinent missing data? If not, why not?

Have SMH journos been threatened with similar intimidatory action by NSW Police if this data is published?

Ms Kontominas responds:

From: Bellinda Kontominas
Sent: Friday, 9 October 2009 10:42 AM
Subject: Compensation for lawyer after wrongful arrest

In response to the query about Andrea Turner’s unlawful arrest, I made the decision not to publish the names of individual police officers involved in the case because I felt the story was about the police force as a whole.

The names were read in open court so there was nothing to stop me publishing them. Nor did the police pressure me in any way to omit the names.
I simply didn’t think naming the officers would add anything to the story.


This quite simply has to be the most astonishing response I’ve ever heard from a journalist.

I replied:

Dear Ms Kontominas,

You have got to be kidding me. I honestly can’t believe that you, as a journalist, are attempting to justify withholding information from the public. Your job primarily entails conveyance of information to the public, not concealing it.

Your employer has fought tooth and nail over the years to obtain information on the behalf of the public’s right to know, with FOI requests and even lawsuits against the government.

Naming the officers absolutely goes to the public’s right to know. Identifying officers implicated not just in abuse of authority but falsification of public records is information the public most certainly should know. Being named and shamed also may give other officers pause for thought when considering such thuggery and officialised bastardry in the future.

In all seriousness, these officers have breached their obligation to the police service, to uphold the law and protect the people of NSW. Not only would disclosure of the officers names serve the public interest, it without question would ‘add something to the story.’ In fact, it would lead to a whole new story, about lawless police officers who remain on the force despite perverting the course of justice.

Kindly reconsider your news judgment on this issue.

Let’s see if she does.


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Beautifully said… hope those cops get their arse’s kicked!

Comment by MACAM 10.18.09 @ 10:21 pm

Thanks for the note. So far, it seems unlikely that anything’s going to happen- Bellinda Kontominas has not responded to my note of incredulity. This isn’t over yet, though. If there’s no response in a reasonable period of time, I’ll lodge a Press Council complaint.

Comment by weez 10.18.09 @ 10:29 pm

Something like this happened to a nephew in Parramatta Mall a few years ago. He was sitting there phoning his girl friend when 2 police ran across from the other side of the mall and accused him of taking there photo.
I’ve taken photos of a police office while he was harassing me and latter produced the photos in court. After this the same officer came to my home and was harassing me in the presence of my 2 young sons in our front yard. He has then started to illegally rat around in my vehicle parked in my yard to find a few bibles in the glove box. I had taken my camera from the vehicle when he first stared and although I had no film at the time I chased him off my property by pretending to take his photo. That got him out of there real fast. Keep up your good work, but beware that you may be victimized down the track, they payout.

Comment by keith j botterill 11.09.09 @ 1:06 pm

Oh yea, I forgot to say if our meadia wasn’t so gutless the people of New South Wales we wouldn’t have to put up with so much corruption.

Comment by keith j botterill 11.09.09 @ 1:18 pm

I was assaulted, sworn at, handcuffed, walked me to the Kings Cross police station on Saturday night in full view of public. Police threatened to smash the phones of anyone taking photos when this was all happening. So then they repeated their insults in their police station in full view of their cameras. I now need the footage from their station,,, I wonder if the Police Integrity Commission can get this for me ,,, cos i promise you Hartge like I said I will see you in court

Comment by Hakan Tokel 03.10.10 @ 12:34 am

So sorry I should’ve added….
I refused to show ID to police while cleaning the footpath around where I worked as I had committed no criminal offence. My car was parked in a No Parking spot amongst 6 cars that were parked in No Standing Zones within 10 to 30 metres. I was let out of the police cells within 70 minutes with no charge, no explanation for the extreme violent behaviour of police but they did give me a fine of $ 84 for disobeying a No Parking Sign.

Comment by Hakan Tokel 03.10.10 @ 12:52 am

Hey Weez. Any update on your press council complaint?
Grew up huge supporter of law enforcement but confidence in NSW police seriously shaken after reading this and a few other articles on the net… Very distressing…

Comment by Stu Gryffin 05.04.10 @ 3:36 pm

Stu, I’m guilty of slack. I didn’t follow this one up and I’ve probably left it too long.


Comment by weez 05.04.10 @ 4:59 pm

While I did fail to follow this one up, perhaps the ABC News Investigative Unit (@ABC_Investigate on Twitter) will not be so faily.

This issue simply should not be allowed to vanish. Note to SMH: Journalists MUST be adversarial when dealing with govt, even if they fear that means you won’t get cooperation from police/govt. If you compromise your integrity in cases like this, how can we trust you with anything else?

Comment by weez 05.19.10 @ 8:59 am

hahahah that was my lawyer

Comment by adam s 05.25.10 @ 12:59 pm

Lucky you, doesn’t look like Ms Turner takes much guff.

Comment by weez 05.25.10 @ 1:05 pm

All police are corrupt. Ive witnessed it first hand. Falsifying statements, threatening witnesses, they believe they are above the law. Fantastic that this woman stood up for herself and won! If more people did this, we wouldnt have a police force left.

Comment by Raz 09.03.10 @ 9:34 pm

when they are approached while investigating anything in pubic, like quickly inform them that their from s.m.h.

Comment by a.i. 10.16.10 @ 3:42 pm

The names of the 2 police are
Elisha Anne Bullock
Belinda Kaye Hocroft
both of Hurstville Police Station

Comment by andrea turner 02.03.11 @ 10:04 pm

Thanks very much for that, Ms Turner.

SMH, much to their shame, has to this date, never published that information.

Comment by weez 02.03.11 @ 10:18 pm

Well done. If more people stood up to these cowards maybe less of them would get away with it. My family are currently going through the process of a complaint to the police. Got an interview within ten days of putting complaint in. Will see if anything will come of it.My brother was attacked by someone with a knife who had been stalking him for a while(got whole attack on recording including the person with the knife saying,”Your effing dead.I’m going to slit your throat.”) and the police officer involved ended up charging my brother because he defended himself with a mag light. This police officer refused to listen to the recording and refused to interview my brother and a string of other lies which perverted the course of justice.We spent $60000 fighting these false accusations and it did end up getting thrown out.Unfortunately in NSW getting costs is a rare thing and we were out of fight and money at this time.Luckily this officer made a paperwork mistake which proves he fabricated a whole conversation with my brother.With a bit of luck the officer investigating is honest.
If anyone finds themself in a similar situation just remember these Police Officers are bullies and bullies are just cowards so don’t be scared of them. Report them. A bully only has power if no-one stands up to them.

Comment by 30 02.19.11 @ 10:12 pm

this is an example of (a)the daily abuse and bullying by the nsw police and (b) the arse kissing of journos,i personally presented physical evidence i.e. recordings and statements to the pic (integrity commission) recently in relation to a cover up of attempted murder by a relative of a senior newcastle police officer. i was confronted,harrassed and assaulted by police from warratah lac at newcastle and orange nsw.i now loath police and tell colleauges and family at every opportunity the names and events that took place

Comment by steve smith 03.13.11 @ 8:44 pm

the police officers in question were Brett pennell (spineless mutt),Steve benson(wheelers lapdog),jason moore(sleazy creep) and PRIMARILY INSPECTOR SCOTT WHEELER(simply a lying criminal himself),they are acc. after the fact and they have covered up a serious crime while committing further offences

Comment by steve smith 03.13.11 @ 8:51 pm

Stop the PIC coverups!!

Prosecute police illegality

Comment by Keith Botterill 03.18.11 @ 12:37 am

And thank you MJK for putting this up.

Comment by Keith Botterill 03.18.11 @ 12:45 am

Thought I’ll put in an update… Following the mentioned incident, I was once again approached by Police from Taskforce Raptor who rudely asked me for my ID in December. Naturally I said why and then No…. Then I got crash tackled sprayed etc etc, abused taken in arrested and went courts last Wednesday…. Result:: Police Acted Illegally and Unlawfully,, The Police Names Are Constable Wheeler from Ashfield LAC ( fill in Raptor) and Constable Baxter ( Raptor ) … By the way I’ve just kick started further action relating to my old incident …. Im telling who ever reads this “” Dont Give Up Your Rights “””

Comment by Hakan Tokel 05.30.11 @ 10:59 pm

I and my family have had horrendous experiences with a police officer and two ex-police officers – complaints got us no where – only more heartache. PIC not interested – there is no independent body that addresses police corruption – police cover up for police – the PIC reports to Police Commissioner – it is a dangerous world we live in – I only hope in our life time we see positive change – After studying George Orwell’s book 1984 for my HSC many years ago – I now draw parallels to the dictatorship “establishment” and my experiences with the police. Unless I had experienced first hand what I have had to endure with the police -I would never have believed in Australia they are so bad.

Comment by Chloe 09.03.11 @ 11:29 pm

Stop the PIC cover ups!! Stop the victimization!! Investigate NSW police illegality!!

Comment by Keith 09.05.11 @ 10:38 am

Hey Weez I would like to contact “Chloe”. Could you forward my email address to Chloe please.

Comment by Keith 09.13.11 @ 10:54 am

Keith, if Chloe has used a valid email address when commenting and chooses to contact you, she will be in touch.

Comment by weez 09.13.11 @ 11:52 am

Chloe I know exactly what you have gone through. As you until my family experienced police corruption and harrasment we were niave to the fact that it happens everyday. It’s not just a few bad apples even the police that turn a blind eye to it are just as guilty. The problem is unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to throw at a complaint it will get no where. The court system has nothing to do with telling and getting to the truth, it’s how deep your pockets are. If my family had the money we would take legal action against the police but this is not possible for the average person. The police know this and it is a common tactic used to drag out court proceedings as long as possible. The police officer involved in our complaint has been found to be “disorganized” This is the accepted excuse for my family having great financial and emotional cost when being innocent. It is also the excuse police use for letting an attempted murderer go scot free. If you dare question the police they will break you eventually

Comment by 30 10.22.11 @ 11:21 am

Just thought I’d add we have put a complaint into the NSW ombudsman.While the assessment officer has asked questions about the motive of the police officer in question(something that was never queried in the Police investigation) the ombudmans office doesn’t actually have any powers to deal with the Police. The Police have special exemptions compared to other organizations being investigated by the Ombudsman. This investigation is still ongoing.

Comment by 30 10.22.11 @ 11:48 am

The trouble with the NSW Ombudsman is that they are as bent and as victimizings as the creeps they protect.

It’s time for a Royal Commission to investigate not just the on going police illegality but the coverups and victimization by the layers of brick walls (CAU, PIC, Internal Affairs, State MPs Ministers Commissioners and courts and the Officers of the NSW Ombudsman) who have continued to conceal it.

Has anybody ever heard of a successful complaint by a member of the public made against NSW police post Wood Royal Commission?

I don’t think so.

Comment by Keith 10.25.11 @ 9:38 am

Keith I wont go as far as saying the Ombudsmans office is the same as the Police as police standards and ethics are pretty low. I do think the ombudsmans office should have more power. The experience with the person I’m dealing with at the Ombudsman is the exact opposite to what my family experienced with the police. She seems to be doing what she can with the little power she has.I wont pass judgment until I have her ruling. It is looking like the Police can get away with perverting the course of justice and there is nothing that can be done.I am planning on sending what I have to every media outlet I can think of but as our case is so complicated I doubt anyone will be interested.After everything that the police has put my family through we would still do it all the same because at least we know we have acted honestly unlike the police involved in my case. As much as I would like to keep fighting I’m not the most pleasant person for my wife and kids to be around when revisting my families experiences with police and it’s not fair on them. Another common tactic used by police(emotional torture)

Comment by 30 10.27.11 @ 10:20 pm

I’m only speaking from experience and the experiences of others. Its call victimization.

They tell you to put it in writing then when you do the people you’re complaining about get to hunt you down and payout on you and hunt your family.

Keep us informed about how you go with that anyway mate.

It would be good if you’re right and the Ombudsmans office resolved the issue in your favour.

I was tortured at “Parramatta Court Cells August 2007”. Has anybody ever heard of a successful complaint by a member of the public made against NSW police post Wood Royal Commission?

Comment by Keith 11.08.11 @ 8:00 am

I’m facing police corruption too and it’s very disheartening that you can be ‘set up’ to be the fall guy in something you are not guilty of. Traffic accident – 4WD charging around a corner on my left overtaking another on double white line,(work mates) and collected the car I was driving (not mine). I was doing about 15 and he about 110-20. Never even been in an accident, or had infringements – driving 40 years (him 5). Told truth. Got 4 fractures and had 2 organs damaged. Struggling to get breath. Police officer they called treated me as a criminal. (Local guy) He threatened me with arrest, Tried to convict me of drink driving after a breath analysis which I never saw denied me water or access to my belongings.
Was not able to make DUI stick when the blood test came back negative, so he misconstrued all the events making me 100% at fault and I got all the charges and demerit point loss. Placing me at fault in NSW is a big blow as the $5000 CTP benefit gets blown out way above that in days when you’re as sick as me. The guy who ran into me at an intersection admitted not seeing me, not braking or swerving as the car was black and doing 80-90 but the police office lowered that to 70 and upped mine to 60. I was still the the middle of the road (not entered his lane) but the guys were very quick to move the vehicles. They said I pulled out in front – failing to give way to my left. Doesn’t matter if he was speeding or breaking road rules or failing to avoid an accident. The story is reversed and even the photos have mysteriously vanished. The driver was definitely under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, but was never tested. However police statement says he was breath tested and blew 0. They also say I wasn’t breath tested. Said he saw me and tried to avoid me. (No way). He was never charged with anything. Seems I am up against ‘mates’. No investigation and insurance company accept his word as fact. I felt abused at the scene by the police constable who attended. I have all the injuries and all the costs. Treated like a criminal. Should be heard in court but it is a country area with police station right next door to court, no witnesses on my side and him and all his mates including bent cops who lie. Thousands of dollars in legal fees and could end up worse off. Sounds that way from what I read above. Told by lawyers if I complain against police they could find more things to charge me with. Everybody covers up and supports corrupt police it seems.

Comment by Jan 11.30.11 @ 7:53 am

The assessment officer at the Ombudsmans Office has found in our favor on some of our complaints. But is of the opinion it is hard to prove that the Police officer deliberately lied. This Police officer wrote in his statement that my 30 year old brother handed evidence over in the form of a C.D. and that he then had a conversation with my brother that entailed warning my brother about evidence and anything he said and asking if my brother would like to give his side of the story. A conversation a Police officer would only have with an accused. Only problem with that fairy tale is it was my 70 year old dad that handed in the recording of the attack and he has a receipt in his name and address saying the recording was handed in personally. My brother was living 100km away at the time. This police officer then wrote in his “fact” sheet that the recording was of poor quality and only a few words could be made out. Funny when I played the recording to the court it was crystal clear. None of this matters as police it would seem are allowed to lie in statements.
The assessment officer asked if we had considered taking legal action against this police officer. I asked her to lend me the money to fight a case and I would. Silence. She has done everything she can but the police will turn around and just say “we will fix these departmental issues and council the appropriate people.”
I’m glad Ms Turner got justice but for the average person that doesn’t have the resources justice isn’t available. Our Q.C. was right in saying just get on with your life and don’t worry about him doing this to other people. Wish it was that easy.
Good luck to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. My mum compared what our family went through to the battle against breast cancer she fought and won. The breast cancer and mastectomy was less stressful than fighting the police in her opinion. You have no idea what it is like to hear your mum say something like that. And that’s why I have to accept the fact that police are allowed to deliberately hurt innocent people and are backed up by senior members. The police are very good with these tactics as it is a common thing for most members of the force so they get plenty of practice refining their lies.
This police officers name is Sen. Con. Stephen Baker now at Deniliquin command. He was at Euston command when he acted the way described. At least if someone puts his name in a search engine it will come up.

Comment by 30 12.02.11 @ 6:57 pm

I’m beginning to realize that the Ombo Office isn’t equipped to investigate the police. Yes the Ombo office has disagreed with some of the conclusions the Deniliquin police complaint management team came to, but 4 weeks ago I was told a letter had been drafted to be sent to the deniliquin command. The police would have six weeks to explain their inconsistancies and lies.

Call up today and this letter has been on the assessment officers supervisor’s desk so it could be given “careful consideration” before being sent. Umm 4 weeks to decide wheather a letter is worded right before sending. Any wonder these coward cops do what they do with the over seeing body acting this way.

Am I being unreasonable????

Comment by 30 12.06.11 @ 4:38 pm

You couldn’t trust the NSW Ombudsman to investigsate the site for bush toilet. And like I said, “the trouble with the NSW Ombudsman is that they are as bent and as victimizings as the creeps they protect”.

Comment by Keith 12.07.11 @ 4:58 am

The Ombudsman’s office don’t investigate police, they oversee the police investigation of the police. They’re a rubber stamp for police self investigations.

Oversee: To see or look over; to overlook.

Comment by Keith 12.15.11 @ 10:29 pm

Yep you are 100% correct. They do have investigators but they are only used in special circumstances and my case doesn’t meet the criteria. I’m a no body in other words.
The Ombudsman isn’t the one I’m angry with. It’s not them that tried to get an innocent victim charged with offences that were never going to hold up in court. It was not them that have allowed a violent person go, who attacked my brother and threatened to kill him by slitting his throat with the knife he was holding. With the kid that was just killed in a knife attack you would think police would take this a litle more seriously. This person is still walking around armed with a knife. Does another person who isn’t as successful at dodging the blade have to die before the police take this knife attack seriously. This person will attack some one again and he may be successful in stabbing another or in his words “Your f… dead, I’m going to slit your throat.”
All the evidence is there to charge this person eg a clear recording of the attack, a statement from the attacker admitting to much of what was on the recording including threatening to slit my brothers throat. It’s not going to happen because if the police do follow the attack up they have to admit they acted dishonestly in the initial investigation.
Thats the system and it isn’t going to change as long as the blue uniform trumps the truth. I’ve done my best. I only sent the recording out to the media outlets a little while ago so who knows but as this artical shows the media don’t like bringing up the truth when a blue uniform is involved.
Anyway merry Christmas to everyone.

Comment by 30 12.21.11 @ 3:05 pm

No case meets the criteria.

Good on you 30.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Comment by Keith 12.21.11 @ 4:46 pm

i think most police are scum,lying, theiving,jerks,i have had 2 in my family,one burnt his car to get the insurance money,and threatened someone i know close with his gun,n.s.w. police would have to be one the most corrupt forces anywhere in the world,blue collar criminals that,s what they are

Comment by graham day 01.24.12 @ 5:56 pm

Very very insightful – Those police officers should have been dismissed. Have linked to
The Bad Blue Line.

Comment by Sergeant Admin 01.28.12 @ 10:18 pm

Well said graham day.

And you’d never get the police to admit they’re dishonest 30. No matter how obvious their lies are, they are above the law and we are not protected by it.

It’s a joke!!

Some serious questions needs to be answered!

Comment by Keith 01.28.12 @ 11:38 pm

I could tell you some stories Sergeant Admin but the police would payout big time, it’s called victimization!!

Comment by Keith 01.28.12 @ 11:47 pm

It is time for the Ombudsman to show some strength for indeed, as Grover Cleveland said “If you are not part of the answer you are part of the problem”.

Comment by Keith 01.29.12 @ 12:09 am

I see the names of the two police officers is reported above as

Elisha Anne Bullock
Belinda Kaye Hocroft

That’s interesting. When Lawyer Andre Turner had costs awarded against the NSW police last week when a prosecution witness was unable to testify, that police officer is named as Sergeant Brendan Bullock. I wonder if they are related??

Comment by Sergeant Admin 01.29.12 @ 1:42 pm

Just so you all know, the Supreme Court – Civil 21/2/12 made th4 dwecision that the Ombudsman and Police Commissioner do not have to comply with statute when dealing with police complaints. My words to the Court, wte “Just so I get this right, you’re saying that they don’t have to comply with statute if they don’t want to is that right”? Court response wte, “Yes that’s right, if they don’t want to they don’t have top and Justice hall’s decision of September 2010 says the same.” That means Part 8A of the Police Act is now meaningless! It also removes everyone’s right of “access to due process” as per the Aust Constitution. I am awaiting the supply of the Court’s transcripts to confirm same, there may be more also! Defence Counsel also advised the Court that the Ombudsman is not obliged under that same Part 8A, which the Court appeared to accept, go read that same Part 8A and count how many times the Ombudsman is named and what he “must” do! Just so you know I am a police whistleblower and have been lied to in writing by CoP and Ombudsman. Run out of the job on the grounds that I suffer from a lifelong mental illness as “suggested by 1 doctor but denied by 22 others and my lifelong medical history. ANYTHING TO DISCREDIT!

Comment by mick griffiths 03.03.12 @ 1:03 pm

The Police Media Unit has defamed me to all mainstream outlets,(absolute proof held) they won’t publish my story even though supplied with the actual undeniable facts. Have been named in Crime Intel Info System (CIIS) as a Person of Interest, been the victim of indictable assault (AOABH) by ex-cop and now hold the COPS Event, Case File and full brief of evidence including names of the 5 independent witnesses who all agree with my version, the formal statement of offender where he admits being involved, hospital and treating doctor records and NO CHARGES laid despite the known fact that I am severely disabled in the sue of both arms (lost some 70% use of both) and have an ever expanding disability in my left leg currently at 25%. Guess the reason given re motivation for the assault, “What about all those letters you wrote to the Ombudsman Michael”, same letters classified in writing by the Ombudsman as to being Protected Disclosures! Complained of to PIC, Ombudsman and Commissioner – NO RESPONSES FROM ANYONE!
More to my story, try 3 years on forced “permanent sick report pending termination” with the non-existing lifelong “suggested” mental illness all without the now admitted to fact that the required by law dr certificate “does not exist”. The stated in writing by then Commissioner Moroney authority used, “Section 6-18.11.4 of the Police Personnel Handbook” IT DOES NOT EVEN EXIST! All this and more complained of NIL DONE!
Latest response from Police Minister’s Office 24/8/11, in brief, wte “All properly attended to, all on CIS, repeatedly advised of this” yet they can’t produce the required complaint responses and there’s sworn evidence to the Supreme Court 14/9/10 by a Sgt Wells of Professional Standards Command which proves to the contrary, as do 2 FOI releases from Ombudsman and Police of 2007. Guess what medical condition they eventually put me out on “The lack of movement in both shoulders” alone! Got other undeniable evidence of false entries on my records, inclusion of other matters that do not in any way relate to me, proof of fraud re 2 submissions by Police to PSAC made to try and oust me both declined by PSAC when their own independent Legal/Medico Consultant dissected and assessed all the medical evidence they included in both submissions, now hold 3 legal reports to Commissioner by 2 “in house” solicitors and 1 instructed Senior Counsel tellig him he is wrong and to accept my claims.

Comment by mick griffiths 03.03.12 @ 1:43 pm

Good shit mate!!

Comment by keith 03.08.12 @ 3:15 pm

n.s.w. police new game ,shoot a foriegner in the back with a tazer,good on you ,thepoor bastard could hardly run ,if the fuckwit officer who shot him had taken a few more steps he could have caught him, the useless peice of shit, he should be charged with murder the low life cunt, you pigs really shit me, some of the worst scum on earth ,the new south wales police force

Comment by graham day 03.22.12 @ 8:53 pm

Its not a new game Graham, don’t forget that French bloke they shot on Bondi Beach about fithteen years ago.

Comment by Keith 03.23.12 @ 1:50 pm

your right keith i forgot that one,cheers mate

Comment by graham day 03.24.12 @ 5:26 pm


Comment by MICHELLE MAHONEY 11.11.12 @ 2:49 am

My father was a NSW Policeman for 35 years…He spent a lot of time with 21 Division in the inner city…..My dad who is in his 70s did his job & did it well…He kept the scum off the street.He was very feared & well respected……He gave crims no options …..He drank often with Lenny & Roger Rogerson…who he was friends with…You get the picture…First & foremost he is my father i’m proud of him…..If we had more police like him today…..the criminals would shit in their pants…..21 Division only gave you one option.

Comment by Ed 11.12.12 @ 1:45 am

This type of behavior is just the “norm” for the NSW Police service.
The People of NSW should sack the Police force and hand law enforcement to the Australasian Army.
NSW police are overpaid corruptness servants of NSW but they act with no oversight or accountability to no one.

Comment by 03.13.13 @ 3:40 am

Very sad reading everyone’s stories but also shocking ti see that i am not alone in my problems with police, my young son was jumped on and bashed a year ago, i obviously went to his assistance and was charged with offensive behabiour but the coward who hit my son was never charged, it’s been before the courts for a year now with magistrates even starting to comment on a minor charge being blown out of proportion but still this senior constable brooke heyward from granville police is allowed to continue prosecuting me maliciously abusing her power and taxpayer’s money and now my solicitor tells me that she is laying a further charge of affray against me -a year after the incident! i complained about this officer in the beginning and she was ‘counselled and reminded of her resonsibilities’ which is why i believe she is coming after me, ombudsman’s office is overseeing the matter and my family and i met with our local member and shadow minister for police for assistance, it has been very frustrating when it has become obvious that this officers behaviour is now vindictive but no-one seems to be able to do anything to stop it, definitely need an outside body to monitor police behaviour and make them accountable, until then just have to keep fighting.

Comment by fiona 03.16.13 @ 4:09 am


Comment by 30 07.04.13 @ 7:21 pm

I’m interested in the outcome and details of the investagation, if any.

In my case, I complained of serious misconduct, and no investigation was undertaken by the nsw police, ombudsman and police integrity commission.

Given the court findings in my matter, they are all probably wishing they did investigate, similar but much worse that this case.

Beck v Commissioner of police and state of nsw 2010 supreme court

Comment by aaron 08.18.13 @ 3:23 am

Anyone out there able to assist please?
As an innocent witness on several occasions I have seen intimidation, provocative behaviour, smoking of cigarettes and name calling, also swearing by asking…..”who F’s who ?”, while on duty, unlawfully arresting while acused was attending the District Court during a Hearing ( totally illegal )……and most recently, not attending 3x 000 emergency calls over a one month period just to spite the caller, and further anger and upset them.
So far we are at a loose end regarding their corruption.
Would anyone know of a Lawyer who has the strength to stand up to this corruption please.

Comment by Mark 01.02.14 @ 10:10 pm

When the hell are Police going to be held accountable for their disgusting behavior? My older son has been falsely arrested wgen pulled over by the police & was handled using undue force in a way that has caused him severe injuries. They switched off their voice recorders & the video in their car & then gave him a hiding. They have done nothing but lie in their brief. My son has been charged with assaulting police & resisting arrest. My son can’t prove what happened & solicitor said it’s his word against 2 police. We are now searching for witnesses to the assault on him or he had close to no chance in court. I have lost all respect for Police.

Comment by Suzanne 11.24.14 @ 5:20 am

Might as well name and shame them Senior Constable Elisha Anne Bullock and her 12 month in the police junior Belinda Kaye Hocroft (Hurstville police) are the guilty police!

Comment by AJ POWER 01.14.15 @ 11:00 pm

Andrea Turner already named the officers in her comment about 4 years ago.

Comment by weez 01.14.15 @ 11:10 pm

I note that one of the police officers identified by Andrea Turner, has recently tried (and failed) to overturn the compulsory vaccine mandate for her employment [Belinda Kay HOCROFT v Bradley Ronald Hazzard, Minister for Health and Medical Research].

What a shame that bully got put on her arse.

Comment by Seedyrom 11.11.21 @ 8:36 pm

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